Conceptboard + SIEMENS

How does a huge global company like Siemens deal with the challenge of getting their staff to collaborate as effectively online as they do offline? They identified early on that Powerpoint presentations and whiteboards weren’t going to cut it, when they had teams across the globe collaborating on projects. They needed a solution that was just as innovative as their projects.

The challenge

In 2016 Siemens identified a missing piece in their infrastructure puzzle. They needed something that would allow their staff to collaborate in real-time regardless of where they are on the planet. So they set to finding a solution.

Their main criteria were that the application was open, web-based, device-compatible, available in every country they have offices in without restriction, and it had to look nice too!


A solution in sight

After an extensive search, they pinpointed Conceptboard as the missing piece of the puzzle. They were impressed with the feature set, enterprise readiness, the look and feel as well as the engaged organisation.

The test period confirmed this even further, with 90% of the Siemens users agreeing that there’s a big need for Conceptboard.

During a record six-month implementation period, Conceptboard underwent rigorous security checks and regulatory approvals to get the green light from the Information Security department.

Excellent results

Conceptboard rolled out across Siemens entire network in April 2018, and now more than 55,000 employees use the collaboration platform.

As well as providing a virtual collaboration solution, Conceptboard has also helped reduce travel costs, save time and reduce email traffic.

“Conceptboard is great, and our people love it. Every day I am amazed by how they are using Conceptboard.” – Thorsten Bergmann, Senior IT Strategy & Innovation Manager at Siemens


Product Design

at Tack Mobile & Arrayant

Marketing Campaigns

for Audi & Porsche

Agile Workflows

at T-Online’s Content Team

Remote Teamwork

for Discovery Channel

Tack Mobile is a design and development company collaborating with Arrayent, an Internet of Things platform company that is building a mobile application design framework for connected devices.

Keep everyone in the loop

We always strive to improve the ways we engage and collaborate with our clients to build working products that are used every day. We have found Conceptboard to be invaluable for communicating and sharing ideas efficiently. It has become a tool that we now use on a daily basis.

We love how Conceptboard allows us to share project boards so that everyone, no matter where they are, can see, understand, and comment on a project’s direction. Some of our favorite features include tagging people in comments and tasks so they always know what the next step is and where to look. We also like the infinite artboard space, which provides a seamless area to drop files and images.

Our design process is very iterative – ideas and designs change quickly. With Conceptboard we are able to view different iterations, map out workflows, and present designs all in the same place. This allows us to take a step back at any point in the process to see both where we’ve been and where we’re going. We have tried many different tools as a team, but none of them are as intuitive and easy to collaborate with as Conceptboard.

Conceptboard provides a central space where we can organize our work and thought process.

Angela Moreno, UX Designer at Tack Mobile
Industry: Design and Development Location: United States Favorite Conceptboard feature: Endless board space and task assignments

As the premier email marketing agency in Romania, White Image has worked with large international clients in banking, auto, retail, and media & advertising including ING, Audi, Porsche, Panasonic, and Volksbank.

How to simplify discussions

We started using Conceptboard for better communication between departments. It is a very easy way of communicating and gathering feedback in one place that all employees can access.

We’ve eliminated the loss of information from one department to another, and it is especially useful because it is easy to forget verbal comments, but when posted on a board, one can read even what was written many months ago.This also gives our company a full perspective on the progress that we have achieved, where we were, and where we are now.

We have used Conceptboard to discuss projects with all our clients, and they were so thrilled about it, many of them are interested in using Conceptboard for their companies as well. In particular, the chat feature, which allows us to communicate in real time, is an extremely important tool: goodbye wasted time with emails, everything is easier and in one place.

I think that visual businesses like advertising, or where the final product involves ideas and feedback must have a Conceptboard account.

Cristina Udangiu, White Image
Industry: Marketing Agency Location: Romania Favorite Conceptboard feature: Real chat and video conference capabilities on boards. is the network with the broadest coverage in Germany. Alongside and special interest portals such as, or, the Portal department’s tasks include driving the development of new business topics in the stationary and mobile Internet.

How to speed up internal workflows

With Conceptboard team members can collate all drafts and interim results in a central location where feedback is gived, discussed, and honed. Teams can connect from anywhere when and as needed, and new results are directly accesible for implementation.

We use agile processes like Kanban or Scrum to optimally illustrate rapidly changing demands. This means permanent work in terms of iteration: drafting, coordination, correction and redrafting. When we were still sending artwork between the teams as email attachments, there were often misunderstandings. With Conceptboard our teams are working together even more closely and productively.

The discussion of drafts now takes place directly on a Conceptboard, which means that we can avoid the numerous ambiguous emails.

Marcel Rauschkolb, Senior Manager at T-Online
Industry: Media Production Location: Germany Favorite Conceptboard feature: You can connect with your team from anywhere.

For the last 4 years the UK based TV production company Raw TV has been producing Gold Rush for Discovery Channel. Gold Rush is now watched in over 200 countries and has been translated into 45 languages.

How to connect Alaska to London

We have over 6 camera crews rolling in over 3 locations over the course of nearly 6 months generating a huge number of rushes and following multiple stories. As the project has grown one of the challenges for us as producers is to find a way to feed back all the developing storylines across a number of timezones to the edit in London.

Conceptboard gives us an opportunity to have our field producers update our editorial team immediately with what’s being shot before the rushes arrive in the edit and for the edit team to give feedback on this information.

Conceptboard is a great tool for us to keep a number of dialogues going and and for all the members of the production team to keep in the loop in this fast-changing project.

Tom Fulford, Raw TV
Industry: TV Production Location: United Kingdom Favorite Conceptboard feature: Being able to work together tightly while being thousands of kilometers apart.

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