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How Siemens uses Conceptboard to collaborate on global projects

Since 2018, more than 55,000 Siemens employees from across the globe use Conceptboard to work together on global projects. Discover how in addition to providing a real-time collaboration solution, Conceptboard has helped reduce travels costs, save time and streamline communication.

How Perry Ellis International transformed their product development with Conceptboard

Discover how Conceptboard enables Perry Ellis International to shorten design development cycles, collaborate with external partners, reduce waste and improve profitability.


How prettygoodideas transitioned to virtual workshops with Conceptboard

Find out how agencies such as prettygoodideas have successfully transitioned to virtual workshops and client sessions thanks to Conceptboard while also improving productivity and saving time.

Corsair is an American computer peripherals and hardware company. Conceptboard makes it easy and simple to manage Corsair’s packaging review process. It's now their favorite Marcom tool. Facilitating easy collaboration across departments, and helping improve the quality and consistency of the brand.

UK based TV production company RAW TV uses Conceptboard to enable field producers (located across time zones including remote locations such as Alaska) to feed their developing storylines to the final edit in London. It’s the perfect tool to keep a number of dialogues going and all members of the product crew to stay in the loop on fast-changing projects.

Tack Mobile, a US based software design and development company uses Conceptboard to share ideas, iterate quickly on design, and centralize project management. Features they love include sharing project boards for a visual overview of project direction and collaborating seamlessly both internally and with clients.

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