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Our hosting solutions

Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid? Discover our diverse hosting options and choose the ideal solution tailored exactly to your requirements.

Hosting safe and easy

It is not easy to make the right choice for the home of your data. This is why we offer three different hosting options. With the right choice made, you can rest easy at night.

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Why the right hosting should be tailored made

One does not simply choose a hosting option. Depending on your work, the size of your team and the security policies assigned to files or applications that need to run smoothly, the question of the right hosting option should be well considered.

This is where we come in.

Conceptboard offers the best and safest hosting for your business, so you can enjoy and collaborate with our GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified tool in its most comfortable environment.

IONOS hosting partner

We introduce IONOS as our new European hosting partner in Germany for enterprise teams. Hosting available as dedicated or private cloud solution. In the ISO 27001-certified IONOS data center or on-premises as data center edition.

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Managed Hosting

As individual as our customers. Our hosting options for all security levels

Public Server Logo

Welcome to the Public Cloud. Register and get started? It’s that easy! In this way, virtual collaboration can be enabled quickly and easily in a very short time and scaled as needed. Of course, with the highest Conceptboard security standards.

Dedicated Server Logo

Our dedicated server. The advantages are the flexibility and freedom that it offers. With the support of your own domain, we guarantee fastest loading times and maximum stability of our service without capacity limitations.

On-Premises Server Logo

Our Data Center Edition. Own server – own data – full privacy. The solution enables the operation of Conceptboard via self-hosting in your own on-site data center. With full control. We will gladly support you with setup and configuration.

Data classes - security creates efficiency

This is how the agile protection requirements analysis by data class can look like. Example for critical infrastructure, municipal administration and public institutions.

Class / protection requirement


Data protection - minimum standard

Conceptboard solution

Conceptboard, DE SaaS provider

US SaaS such as Miro, Mural, MS Teams

1 Low ”low”

Public data, website, social media

Global SaaS Service, Global Hosting

IONOS DE SaaS, AWS SaaS, On-Premises

2 Medium ”intern”

Project data and personal data

EU SaaS Service (without Cloud-Act Compliance) EU Hosting

IONOS DE SaaS, AWS SaaS, On-Premises

3 High ”confidential”

KRITIS, VS NfD finance data, GDPR 9 & 10

DE SaaS Service (without Cloud-Act Compliance) DE Hosting (headquarter in Germany)

IONOS DE SaaS, On-Premises

4 Very high ”strictly confidential”

VS NfD+ Strictly confidential, citizen data

DE SaaS Service with DE Hosting or On-Premises

IONOS DE Private Cloud SaaS, On-Premises

Data classes - sovereign, hybrid and secure

Conceptboard pursues a one-code strategy across all deployment forms. This guarantees maximum data sovereignty. Global public AWS Cloud, German IONOS Cloud, private cloud or on-premises, with Conceptboard any data and cloud strategy can be implemented effectively. The migration option between the fully-fledged and sustainable instances enables parallel use and simple course changes.

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