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Discover the difference: Conceptboard vs. Microsoft Whiteboard

Welcome to your ultimate comparison guide between Conceptboard and Microsoft Whiteboard.

Conceptboard: A Beloved Choice Among Users

In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding the right online whiteboard tool is crucial for seamless collaboration and productivity. While both platforms offer valuable features, Conceptboard stands out as the better, more intuitive, and most secure solution. With its user-friendly interface, GDPR-compliant security measures, and powerful collaboration tools, Conceptboard ensures your team can work together effortlessly, no matter where they are. Dive in to explore why Conceptboard is the preferred choice for professionals seeking the best in online whiteboard technology.

Reviews comparison between Conceptboard and Microsoft Whiteboard on G2, Capterra and GerApp
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Comparing Conceptboard and Microsoft Whiteboard

Conceptboard is a comprehensive all-in-one collaboration software designed to facilitate extensive teamwork and project management. It provides a rich suite of features including real-time collaboration, extensive integrations with other tools, task management, and advanced security options, making it ideal for professional environments where robust, multi-faceted collaboration is essential. Microsoft Whiteboard focuses primarily on basic drawing and sketching capabilities, suitable for quick brainstorming sessions and simple visualizations. While it integrates well within the Microsoft ecosystem, it lacks the depth of collaboration features and security measures that Conceptboard offers.

In essence, if you’re looking for a powerful, secure, and intuitive tool that supports comprehensive collaboration and project management, Conceptboard is the superior choice. Microsoft Whiteboard, while useful for basic tasks, does not match the advanced functionality and versatility provided by Conceptboard.

Reasons why Conceptboard is the first choice for security conscious companies and institutions


Microsoft Whiteboard



Microsoft Whiteboard

Drawings over stickies as part of the sticky

Unlimited colors for stickies and shapes

Large selection of shapes

Lines can have arrows in either end point

Text on the lines (interrupting lines)


Microsoft Whiteboard

Help and tips on how to use templates

Templates guide including help and tips

Big selection pool of templates

Option to create and save your own templates and share them with your team


Microsoft Whiteboard

Availability of a big pool of icons

Choice of unlimited colors for the icons

Icon search filter


Microsoft Whiteboard

Function to create tables

Existing table preset dimensions

Easy expansion of rows and columns

Individual rows/columns movement

Table templates


Microsoft Whiteboard

Comments replies

Option of pinning a person in the comments

Task assignment to team members in the comments

Mark unread

Follow thread


Microsoft Whiteboard


Voting feature

Anonymous voting

Voting on various elements

Multiple votes simultaneously

Hide cursors during voting


Microsoft Whiteboard

Possibility to view the history of the board and choose from previous versions of your board

Edit log / undo history


Microsoft Whiteboard

Overview of work being done on the board

Search field

What’s new page

Filter option of the file organisation

Board layout choices

Templates preview

Favourite boards


Microsoft Whiteboard

On-premises solution

IONOS hosting

ISO 27001 certificate

Cloud act

14M+ users around the world successfully work with Conceptboard

Flexible workspace

Conceptboard offers a flexible and customizable workspace that allows users to tailor the board layout to their needs, enhancing collaboration in a personalized environment. Additionally, its robust project management features, such as task assignments, comments, and version tracking, are invaluable for teams on complex projects, ensuring streamlined communication and alignment.

Projects and strategy use cases

Elevating Collaboration with Dynamic Templates

When it comes to templates, Conceptboard stands out with a diverse selection and innovative functions. It not only offers a wide range but also provides instant guidance on usage, ensuring a smoother experience. Users can create and save custom templates, tailoring their workspace to specific needs. Plus, Conceptboard promotes seamless collaboration by allowing template sharing among team members, boosting efficiency and fostering a collaborative environment.

Privacy assurance

Conceptboard offers an on-premises solution, giving users greater control over their data and ensuring a secure collaborative environment. Additionally, the option of IONOS Hosting enhances privacy measures, providing users with a trusted hosting solution for their collaborative work. In contrast, Microsoft Whiteboard may not provide the same level of customizable privacy solutions, making Conceptboard a preferred choice for users prioritizing data control and security.

Illustration showing an abstract representation of cyber security with a laptop and a lock on it. A person representing the user holds an imaginary key with which only they have access to their private data in a dedicated server

Security is our main priority

Being GDPR compliant at Conceptboard means we prioritize your data privacy and security. We adhere to the strict regulations set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that your personal and sensitive data is handled with care and transparency. When you choose Conceptboard, you can rest assured that your information is treated with the highest level of respect and protection, giving you peace of mind while collaborating with us.

Work smarter with our app integrations

Connect your daily tools Conceptboard seamlessly integrates with popular applications like Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Webex, and Atlassian Confluence, offering enhanced collaboration capabilities. This versatile connectivity enhances workflow efficiency and ensures a smooth transition between platforms, empowering teams to work seamlessly across diverse ecosystems.

Customer Success Onboarding. A person working on the laptop with the headphones on and there are 4 bubble around the persons head which say: Onboarding call, training for employees, train the trainer, update calls

Easy onboarding and great support

We support our  customers with proven onboarding and training plans. Your personal Account Manager will assist you with the implementation of Conceptboard at your facility, and help train your staff and internal support team. Additionally, your Account Manager also coordinates 2nd & 3rd level support issues for you with our operations team.

Value real collaboration

They say it better than we do

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