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Welcome to the Conceptboard Product Tour

Conceptboard offers you a limitless canvas to collaborate visually. We’ll show you on a tour what Conceptboard can do.

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    Transform your collaboration workflow

    Visual collaboration was never this easy

    illustration representing a part of a conceptboard canvas

    Infinite canvas

    Discover an infinite canvas that expands as your projects and ideas take shape. Zoom out for a bird’s eye view or zoom in to see details. Find your way around your board easily with our mini map.

    live cursors function illustration

    Live cursors

    Track engagement and easily locate collaborators on the board with live cursors that identify participants.

    integration of dropbox, microsoft teams, google drive, troll board and confluence


    Streamline your workflow even further by integrating Conceptboard with your favorite tools such as Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Trello and more!

    a person using the conference function directly on the board

    Conferencing tools

    Make video and audio calls or screen share right from within the app to take your remote collaboration to the next level!

    icon of a pdf file which is dragged onto a conceptboard board by a person

    Import files

    Create a multimedia playground by importing files and images from a range of popular formats. When it comes to ideas, use visuals when words simply won’t do.

    moderation function in conceptboard image


    Guide participants on the board and present your view to everyone with moderation mode.

    Value real collaboration

    They say it better than we do

    Enterprise solutions

    Drive innovation, break down silos and scale visual collaboration across your organization with our enterprise solutions. Each of these come with state-of-the-art security features.

    representation of the conceptboard online white board wehre there are some cursors hovering over some sticky notes

    Popular use cases

    2 people working on a project on a white board being in a video call

    Meetings and Workshops

    Create and share the agenda, centralize notes & documentation and allocate and track tasks.
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    people in a meeting working on a board together by using a template

    Agile Methodolo­gies

    Run agile ceremonies such as retrospectives, stand ups and sprint plannings with ease.
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    A board representing a design project with some color samples and a smart watch. People work together on this board deciding on a final idea

    Design Collabo­ration

    Import artworks and designs to gather feedback in context and get approvals quicker.
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