For Content Creators

Designers Developers Marketers Technicians Copywriters Editors

For Coordinators

Account Managers Project Managers Consultants Administrators

For Decision Makers

Executives Art Directors Producers Customers Campaign Managers

Collaboration that works for the whole team.
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For Content Creators

Team whiteboards to share drafts, visualize ideas & elaborate on concepts.

An endless space for drafts & ideas

Compatible with popular file types

Easy sharing with co-workers & clients

Easy comment & task management

For Coordinators

A central space for your team's iterations on virtual content.

Your team's work progress at a glance

Centralized content & discussions

Notifications on open questions & tasks

Instant feedback & action from anywhere

For Decision Makers

A real-time platform to present, discuss, and approve design drafts.

Live conferences on all visual content

Instant access to the current status

Notifications on updates & changes

Approval & reminder features

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