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Success in sales with Conceptboard for Sales Teams

The sales team often faces special challenges. Here, not only their own time counts, but also that of the customer. With Conceptboard, meetings can be optimally prepared and necessary information can be visually presented. You can share all this in real time with your team and external parties – in full compliance with data protection laws! Your ideas and those of the customer are safe with us. You share – we care.

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    Illustration of a person working on different tasks which are related to sales

    We'll show you how to use Conceptboard as effectively as possible within the sales team and when working with customers - saving you and your customers valuable time:

    ✓ Presentations

    ✓ Feedback

    ✓ Roadmaps

    ✓ Brainstorming sessions

    ✓ Project Planning and implementation of projects

    ✓ Organisation of customers meetings

    ✓ Trainings and workshops

    ✓ Overview of data and responsibilities involving your contact person

    Business sales team discussing ideas for the company. Leader speaking at board with notes.

    This is how you use Conceptboard in Sales


    Presenting products and proposals to customers is part of sales. Bring your presentations to life by using various visualisation options. In the same tool, you can then also give the presentation.
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    In sales, feedback is more than valuable. Invite your customers to your digital whiteboard and get direct feedback on your ideas and suggestions.


    Create your roadmaps with visual aids that are clear and engaging. Then share your screen and present them to your customers and team members via live moderation.


    Supercharge sales brainstorming with Conceptboard’s virtual collaboration platform. Remote or hybrid, visualize ideas in real-time using sticky notes, images & drawings!
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    Planning and implementation of projects

    Make planning implementations and projects simple, clear and without gaps. Invite your team members and customers and collaborate in real time. This way, everyone involved is always up to date.
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    Organization of customers meetings

    Your customers expect you to be well-prepared for meetings. Summarize all the necessary information and visualise the content in an appealing way. Now you’re so well-prepared, you can convince your customers in meetings sustainably.

    Trainings and workshops

    Conduct trainings and workshops remotely – so you don’t have to get your customers and team members at the same table. Presenting, facilitating and collaborating online works across locations with Conceptboard.
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    Overview of data and responsibilities involving your contact person

    Every customer and every project is different. That’s why it’s important to keep track of data and responsibilities. With Conceptboard, this is no longer a problem.
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    Conceptboard for Sales Teams

    Redesign your sales processes

    In the area of sales, you have to reconcile a lot of things. Cooperation with your team as well as with your customers plays a major role. You’re probably familiar with this: there is a multitude of e-mails and documents for every topic. With Conceptbaord, this is a thing of the past. Create digital whiteboards for your customer projects and share them with your contacts. Brainstorm remotely in real time with your customers, saving time for everyone involved. You can share your online whiteboards with your customers without hesitation – Conceptboard works completely privacy compliant.

    Find the solution that suits you best

    All license models include an unlimited number of powerful online whiteboards with many real-time features, access to 100+ templates and GDPR-compliant data security.

    prettygoodideas success story after using conceptboard

    How prettygoodideas transitioned to virtual workshops with Conceptboard

    Find out how agencies such as prettygoodideas have successfully transitioned to virtual workshops and client sessions thanks to Conceptboard, while also improving productivity and saving time. Read more

    We enable safe and secure collaboration worldwide

    Practical templates for all cases

    We have what you need. Enclosed you will find a selection of suitable templates as well as some helpful features on the board. Choose from over 100 ready-made templates, exactly the right template for your project or workshop.

    Onboarding journey template

    Sales Templates

    This is how you use Conceptboard for your Sales teams

    No Compromises

    For us, data protection, data sovereignty and privacy are a matter of course.

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    ISO certificare badge


    Learn more about virtual collaboration on our blog

    Everything you need to know to improve your collaboration: exciting articles and inspiration on selected use cases, templates and success stories can be found in our blog. Enjoy reading more!

    How we at Conceptboard reduce our e-mail amount

    email reduction in Conceptboard

    Get to the point: how to communicate your ideas effectively

    Communicate your ideas effectively

    Understanding Your Customer With 3 Essential Templates

    Understanding your customer

    For those who want to know more: Learn Conceptboard

    Conceptboard is intuitive to use and an uncomplicated tool for your everyday working life. But we also know: No master has ever fallen from the sky. The best way to get to know a digital tool is to use it. We’ll show you how.

    Visit our free basic training and learn the basics of operation as well as a variety of tips and tricks for working with elements, modules and templates. No matter how you use Conceptboard, we’ll turn you into a real pro. Our regular trainings are free of charge and open to everyone – whether you’re a newbie or an advanced user. Secure your place now!

    Onboarding journey template
    Creative mini designers changing website interface. Tiny persons covering computer screen with paint and digital content flat vector illustration. Teamwork, marketing development concept for banner

    Integrate your most important tools into Conceptboard

    As a team, you probably use different tools for your collaboration. Bring your tool set together now! You can integrate all the apps that are important to you into Conceptboard.

    For example, use Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox, Confluence or Full Page Screenshot as usual and benefit from the uncomplicated Conceptboard integration. In addition, the upload function allows you to place files directly and clearly on the board.

    Visualise what you want to say

    Pictures say more than a thousand words – and icons even more. Give your boards a personal character and facilitate mutual understanding with our numerous icons.

    Conceptboard offers you a large selection of different icons, so you can easily represent what you want to say. This is especially helpful for multilingual and international teams!

    Tailor made solutions
    questions about hr teams and conceptboard

    You have questions? We have answers.

    If you want to learn more about our features and functions in detail and learn how Conceptboard works and how to use it, you can find our Help Center here. Take a look!

    Stay informed!

    Get the latest Conceptboard news, product and feature updates, new templates, event invitations or surveys.

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