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Collaboration platform with a visual focus for marketing & remote teams.
Work on visual content & brainstorm ideas with anyone, from anywhere.

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Real-time Collaboration

Get everyone on the same page

Add your advertising, email, and website campaigns so you can review and optimize visual content together. Real-time whiteboards let everyone work together as if they were in the same room, no matter their location.

Real-time collaboration in Conceptboard: Reviewing and marking up banner ads in the board.

Share & Collaborate

Collaborate across locations & departments

Work with teams, clients, and external partners across the globe. Gathering and compiling everyone's feedback has never been easier. Mark up files and add comments. Everyone gets updates in real-time!

Conceptboard Home Dashboard showing alert notifications, tasks, and project management overview.

Agile Project Management

Get better feedback & speed up review

Whether you're working on product packaging or coordinating multiple campaigns, Conceptboard lets you speed up the review and feedback process, so you can get more work done with less effort.

Online Idea Boards

A visual tool for your visual work

Flexible canvas that expands as you add content. Create and share as many boards as you need. Capture ideas, brainstorm, create moodboards, plan initiatives, and map out strategies.

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