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Features and functions of Conceptboard

Conceptboard is a visual workspace where teams come together to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects & centralize documentation. Discover a better way to collaborate with our feature packed online whiteboard!

Conceptboard Online Whiteboard features

Simplifying collaboration across the globe

Optimize your working processes

All the tools teams need to do great work together

All functions in one tool

Live cursors

Follow everyone’s actions in real time with cursors that come with participant names.

Infinite canvas

Centralize all your ideas on an ever-expanding workspace. Zoom out for an overview or hone in on details.

Content upload

Add a wide range of multimedia files such as images, PDFs, videos & annotate them directly on the board.

Drawing tools

Create sketches & low fidelity prototypes & transform your scribbles into strategy!

Comments & sticky notes

Centralize feedback & notes, with comments, sticky notes & text boxes.

Board sharing Online whiteboard

Easy board sharing

Quickly share boards with internal & external collaborators via a password protected link.

Manage your boards & workflow

Board access permissions

Access management

Maintain complete control over your boards by granting collaborators 3 different levels of access permissions.

Project folders

Juggling a lot of projects & collaborators? Organize your boards into specific project folders & control access at a board or folder level.


Streamline your workflow by connecting Conceptboard to your existing collaboration apps such as MS Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox & more.

Experience the best of what the cloud has to offer

Board auto save

All your boards are auto saved so you never have to worry about saving your work again!

Easy accessibility

Access your boards across multiple devices & locations. All you need is an internet connection!

Board history

See who changed what & restore your board to any point in time via a time-lapse of the board’s complete history.

Security & enterprise solutions

Cutting-edge security

Conceptboard protects the confidentiality of your files in transit with high-grade TLS & multi-layered encryption at rest with 256-bit AES.

Enterprise solutions

Scale visual collaboration across your organization & discover added benefits such as enhanced security, choice of AWS data center, SSO & more with Conceptboard Enterprise.
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