Fulfilling Customer Wishes: Management consultancy Ucon42 relies on genuine trust and Conceptboard in coaching

Consultancy Ucon42 uses Conceptboard for Coaching

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Companies are subject to constant change: In order to actively shape digital transformation and save valuable time, consulting firms like Ucon42 GmbH face a challenge: How can they make customer communication more effective, build trust, and achieve outstanding results in digital transformation project management? The solution is Conceptboard! The digital online whiteboard not only provides a platform for effective and visual collaboration but also creates a solid foundation for trust and efficiency in consultancy.

Conceptboard in consultancy: Creating shared visions

The pandemic and the associated restrictions on personal interaction with clients have shown that purely analogue communication often is not sufficient to inform everyone equally in the project and to create a trusting working atmosphere. So the Ucon42 team searched for an appropriate solution that not only solves this problem but also provides a reliable basis for future collaboration.

Selecting the right solution

Security is paramount: Managing director Dr. Peter Urban attached great importance to an all-round carefree package in terms of data protection, as many of the clients, as well as Ucon42 itself, place great value on their own data sovereignty. Also, in the area of business or personal coaching, data protection and thus trust in knowing that personal data are in safe hands is of high importance. Given this, the choice quickly fell on Conceptboard, which is 100% GDPR-compliant and certified according to ISO 27001 standard. The intuitive user interface and the versatile features of Conceptboard were another plus for Dr. Peter Urban and his team.

Trustful collaboration from the start and in real time

One of the biggest challenges is to create a clear communication basis with the customer from the very beginning. Ideally, there is a common place where all participants can meet and exchange ideas regularly. Conceptboard is this place and offers a variety of functions to visualise and collaboratively edit ideas. This allows both sides to avoid misunderstandings and focus on the essentials.

“Thanks to Conceptboard, my clients and I can be on the same page from the start. The visual representation of concepts and strategies makes it much easier to develop solutions together that work.” – Dr. Peter Urban, Ucon42 GmbH

Building trust through visualisation: Clarity for long-term success

Another crucial aspect of Conceptboard is the visualisation of thoughts and ideas. “Through visualisation, misunderstandings can be avoided, and trust between customers and consultants can be strengthened,” explains Peter Urban. “What is said remains verifiable, whether through visualisation or written records. Although interpretations may vary, at least the agreed-upon words remain the same.”

Conceptboard thus creates a common basis for collaboration and ensures that the goals and expectations of all parties involved are clearly defined. To also reflect more comprehensive discussions on Conceptboard, Dr. Peter Urban uses the integrated voting function in Conceptboard and can thus shape the customer’s needs even more precisely.

Creating a common basis through transparency

In workshops, Conceptboard ensures creative exchange of ideas and intensive collaboration. “We can focus on specific content, promote interaction, and at the same time increase productivity,” explains Dr. Peter Urban. The diverse features of Conceptboard create a common basis for teams and customers to share and develop their visions.

Outstanding customer service: Personal support for maximum trust

Ucon42 not only appreciates the functionality of Conceptboard but also the customer service from Germany. When a board was accidentally deleted, the team received immediate help and personal attention. This personal support builds trust and ensures a positive experience when using Conceptboard.

“The personal service totally surprised me and is a real plus for me.” –  Dr. Peter Urban, Ucon42 GmbH

Realise visions together with Conceptboard

Are you ready to try Conceptboard yourself and successfully implement your customer projects with confidence? Test Conceptboard for 30 days for free!

If you want to discover more about how Conceptboard has empowered other organisations to boost productivity and efficiency, explore our customer success stories.

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Fulfilling Customer Wishes: Management consultancy Ucon42 relies on genuine trust and Conceptboard in coaching

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