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Remote working in the pharma & healthcare industry

Our GDPR compliant as well as ISO 27001-certified online whiteboard for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is the secure solution for virtual collaboration. We simplify digitalization in the medical sector.

We also offer hosting options for all requirements: Hybrid, on-premises or cloud-based.

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The advantages of Conceptboard at a glance

GDPR compliant and ISO 27001-certified

✓ Data protection according to the highest security standards

✓ Hosting on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based

✓ Individual hosting options for all security levels

✓ Highest standards for the protection of personal privacy

✓ Hosting and development in Germany

✓ Suitable for all company sizes

✓ Single sign-on (SSO)

Digital Security

Collaborate in a privacy-compliant manner

Digitalization is also advancing steadily in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry. Conceptboard is the tool that simplifies digital transformation. With virtual helpers, pre-built templates and much more, it enables healthcare employees worldwide to collaborate in real time. Not only can projects be driven forward effectively, but costs can be reduced sustainably on top of that. Of course, data protection plays an important role in the medical sector. Conceptboard’s seamlessly privacy-compliant online whiteboard makes virtual collaboration easy, even in the security-conscious healthcare industry.

Find the solution that suits you best

All license models include an unlimited number of powerful whiteboards with many real-time features, GDPR compliant data security and access to 100+ templates.

Tailor made solutions

Tailor-made online whiteboard solutions for Pharma and healthcare industry

We accompany companies and institutions in the introduction of digital tools for hybrid collaboration. Depending on requirements, we offer individual solutions while meeting the highest security standards.

  • Central management of roles and authorizations
  • Local data processing on site
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Secure collaboration between people and organizations
  • Competent support with onboarding and personal trainings

Trusted by leading commercial and public sector organizations


Discover a new way to collaborate with our intuitive and secure online whiteboard

Conceptboard is packed with features that enable easy board management and seamless collaboration. Both in real time and asynchronously.

icon representing infinite sign

Unlimited Space

The Online Whiteboard with space for all your ideas

icon representing two cursors in a moderation mode


Guide other users through the board

icon representing 2 live cursors

Live Cursor

Mouse cursor with username

icon representing file sharing

Data Import

Work with different Data formats on your board

icon representing the board history

Board history

Manage versions and change history

icon representing different roles a person can have on a board

Role Administration

Control user access and rights

icon representing an abstract representation of templates


A wide range of ready-made templates

icon representing the workflow

Project Manage­ment

Organization, management of tasks and mentions

First-class Support

Personal contact is a matter of course for us. We are there when you need us and find the right solution for every challenge.

Our service offering includes our first-class support, including dedicated Customer Success Manager and training for successful onboarding of administrators and end users. As part of the rollout, we also provide our customers with best practice workshops and methodical training for key users and multipliers. Special SLAs can be agreed separately.

Person working as customer support wearing headphones and answering the questions of a customer
Basic Training. A big board and 3 people standing and imaginary building up the board as a construction sight

Implementation and onboarding made easy

There’s no such thing as can’t! We support our customers with proven onboarding and training plans. Your personal Account Manager will assist you with the implementation of Conceptboard in your facility and help train your staff and internal support team. On top: Your Account Manager also coordinates 2nd & 3rd level support issues for you with our Operations team.

Data protections has the highest priority

Data security is our top priority.

Thanks to a variety of technical and organizational security measures and cooperations with first-class hosting partners in Germany, we can meet the highest standards of security and data protection. As the first virtual online whiteboard solution on the market, we are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

security standards for public sector

No Compromises

For us, data protection, data sovereignty and privacy are a matter of course.

badge representing the GDPR compliant app
ISO certificare badge

Managed Hosting

As individual as our customers. Our hosting options for all security levels

Public Server Logo

Welcome to the Public Cloud. Register and get started? It’s that easy! In this way, virtual collaboration can be enabled quickly and easily in a very short time and scaled as needed. Of course, with the highest Conceptboard security standards.

Dedicated Server Logo

Our dedicated server. The advantages are the flexibility and freedom that it offers. With the support of your own domain, we guarantee fastest loading times and maximum stability of our service without capacity limitations.

On-Premises Server Logo

Our Data Center Edition. Own server – own data – full privacy. The solution enables the operation of Conceptboard via self-hosting in your own on-site data center. With full control. We will gladly support you with setup and configuration.


Choose ready templates from numerous templates


Learn more about virtual collaboration on our blog!

Brainwriting technique to boost idea generation

Brainwriting free template from Conceptboard

Kanban board for remote project management

Kanban template simplified

Collaborative daily standup meetings

Daily Standup Template
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