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Collaboration worldwide

Collaboration with Conceptboard all over the world

An abstract world map representing the interconnection between Conceptboard users. Conceptboard has its users all around the world

Our target groups - cross sector cooperation

No matter what sector you’re in, work flows better when done together. To push the boundaries of the office space, the Conceptboard online whiteboard helps you work from anywhere and collaborate with your team.

It doesn’t matter how complex your idea, concept or project seems to be, we are certain that you simply need the right tools to your disposal.

4 people around an imaginary target

Conceptboard loves collaboration!

Our collaboration tool allows you to connect from any device, regardless of your business

Collaborative ideation within the team easier than ever before.

The right visual support to the next sales pitch is waiting.

Always know what to do next with visual support.

Even difficult and complex topics find their solution together.

Get new processes moving quickly and effectively through collaboration.

Design your ideas directly on the board

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Every sector has its own requirements, ways and processes how things should be handled. Why not work as a unit, make easier solutions to complex problems and give feedback in real time?

Illustration, die eine abstrakte Darstellung der Cybersicherheit mit einem Laptop und einem Schloss darauf zeigt. Eine Person, die den Nutzer repräsentiert, hält einen imaginären Schlüssel, mit dem nur er Zugang zu seinen privaten Daten hat in einem Dedicated Server

Everything you work on is as safe as it can be. Conceptboard is the first GDPR compliant online whiteboard for digital collaboration and is ISO 27001 certified.