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Drive engaging remote meetings & workshops

How about hosting visually appealing meetings and workshops that encourage results-driven participation?

Simply use Conceptboard.

online meeting and workshop on the Conceptboard's online whiteboard

Trusted by leading commercial and public sector organizations

Feels like you're in the same room

All our innovative functionalities are based on natural interaction: Collaborate in realtime, share files and ideas and develop new concepts  – independent of time or place.

Steps how to enter a board without registration needed

No login needed for
workshop participants

Bring all your participants on a board within seconds. The guest access doesn’t require a login. Virtual collaboration has never been easier!

Access the boards
whenever you need to

Concepboard makes asynchronous work on collaborative projects possible. Give feedback and adapt content – but on your own time schedule!

remote meetings representation on the online whiteboard

Centralize your meeting notes

Keep your ideas together in one place and access them whenever you need to. Or download them for offline use.

Nothing gets lost

All changes can be tracked via the board history. Accidentally deleted something or looking for the very first idea?

Simply restore it with one click.

Value real collaboration

They say it better than we do

icon for uploading files on the board

Leverage the cloud

Our cloud-based platform allows access to boards from anywhere, syncs across devices and auto-saves your work. Easily restore previous versions, be worry free and focus on what’s important. Doing amazing work.

icon representing customizing templates

Ready Made templates

Use our extensive library of ready-made templates to easily create Empathy Maps, Kanban boards and much more. Just drag and drop and you’re all set!

illustration representing organising online work

Organize your work

Structure boards into Projects, share them with collaborators or multiple teams and keep track of on-board activity through alerts. Conceptboard allows you to easily share folders, manage board permissions and have visibility of contributors.

Stay informed!

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