NEW: Introducing Project Workflows to Conceptboard

We’ve all been there: you have a project deadline looming, feedback still needs to be compiled out of a dozen different email threads, you’re waiting on approvals from several stakeholders, and your teammates are scattered across the globe, making getting work done harder than it needs to be.

This is what we’ve focused on as we set out to redesign Conceptboard, and today we’re proud to announce that the new version of Conceptboard has been released out of beta!

With the new Project Workflows, we reduce the communication challenges of distributed work, and introduce enough structure to workflows so that you can spend less time being busy, and more time being creative.

Conceptboard is built for marketing and remote teams that focus on visual content and brainstorming ideas. With today’s release, we’re introducing several important new features, designed to help teams centralize the review and approval process.

Board Approvals and Access Roles are a powerful way to speed up your creative workflows. Check out the new functionality below for more in-depth info, and let us know what you think.


Daniel Bohn, CEO

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Introducing Board Access Roles

The core of Conceptboard has always been to make collaboration on visual content as smooth as possible. Previously, when a board was shared with someone, they were automatically able to add and edit any content on the board. This is great for working with internal team members, but what about when you need to share content with external customers or vendors?
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Introducing Board Updates and Approval

Content review and approval is vital for our customers. With the introduction of Board Updates and Approvals, the review and approval process is streamlined to help you complete your projects on time.

You can now request the final sign-off after collaborating and iterating with your team, all in Conceptboard. Starting an approval process with multiple participants is fast and easy, let’s take a closer look! Read more…

New Conceptboard Board Interface Updates

The Brand New Conceptboard Interface

The newest version of Conceptboard is now out with a brand new interface in all boards, making it even easier to collaborate with your team! All your favorite tools are just one click away. 

Here’s an overview of all the changes that have been made: Read more…


How Doodling Can Help Your Memory

Doodling has been looked down upon because it was believed that paying attention to a specific task while doodling is hard to do. Especially during important meetings or discussions, how can one focus while drawing at the same time? 

People that doodle while listening can remember 29% more information than those who do not.

When this used to be a sure sign of distraction, this form of art can actually bring many positive aspects that were never considered before.

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Conceptboard New Project Workflows coming soon!

Project Workflows Invitation-Only Beta

We are so excited to release what we’ve been cooking up for the past few months, that we couldn’t wait any longer. Today we’ve officially launched our invitation-only beta for our upcoming release: Project Workflows!

Whether you’re working with external partners or across teams in your organization, this release will help you get creative projects done faster, from concepts to completion. Here are some of the awesome new features and changes we’re adding to Conceptboard! Read more…

Agile Methods in Conceptboard

Part 2: Using Agile Methods with Conceptboard

A few weeks ago, Agile Iterations in Marketing teams was first introduced to give you an overall idea of how to have your first agile meeting with your marketing team.

Part 2 of this series will focus on how to have these meetings with the extra help of Conceptboard!

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3 new Conceptboard Tutorial Videos for mastering Conceptboard

Save time! 3 new short videos to help you master Conceptboard

Did you know you can use the plus and minus keys on the keyboard to zoom in and out of the board? Now you do!
We’ve just released 3 new short videos to show you the best tips and tricks for moving in the board and leaving feedback. Check them out below and share them with your colleagues! Read more…

Try out the Google Ads dimensions in Conceptboard!

Image Dimensions Template for Display Ads

When working with display ad networks, you have to provide different sizes for your ads. It can be a challenge to keep track of and discuss all the variants you have to provide for your ads.

Use the template below for the top performing ad sizes and try it our directly in a board. Open the template below, drag in the drafts of your ads into the board, and discuss them with your team. This will give you an interactive impression of how your new advertisement will look like!

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Facebook template in Conceptboard

Image Dimensions Template for Facebook

As part of a marketing team, time is very sensitive, and any extra time you can gain back can make your day that much better! Instead of having to memorize exact dimensions of Facebook’s profile picture, try the new template below!

Use this Facebook template to refer to the exact dimensions of your Profile picture and Cover Photo and to try out each image directly on the board. Simply click on the template, drag in your images into the board, and move them around at your liking. This will give you an interactive impression of how your new social media campaign looks like.


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