Brainstorming & Ideation

Unlimited workspace for unlimited ideas

Generate brilliant ideas

Use the unlimited workspace to generate new ideas and solutions. Visualize your ideas to spark creativity and innovation.

Conceptboard Remote Brainstorming Session
Conceptboard Idea Board

Ideal for distributed teams

Live and synchronized functions make brainstorming sessions with remote teams or clients feel like they are in the same room.

Better brainstorming

Virtual ideation mapping encourages participation by creating a place where everybody can contribute and exchange ideas openly.
Conceptboard Customer Empathy Map
Conceptboard Mood Board

Create mood boards

Collect images, typography, colour palettes and graphic elements to display the overall look and feel of a project, design or concept. Communicate visually and virtually.

Digital War Room

Dedicate the infinite workspace to a project, client, campaign or account: Collect and share content, brainstorm, hold meetings, rate ideas and gather feedback.

Find the best ideas

Share boards and grant access to unleash the innovative power of your team. Sort and evaluate the brainstorming results to discover new ideas and solutions.

Find solutions

Wether for product design, marketing campaigns or software development, creative collaborations are immensely helpful when looking for fresh ideas or solutions.

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