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The missing piece in your Design Thinking toolkit

Brainstorm, prototype, iterate and solve problems creatively with one versatile visual collaboration tool.

Example of an empathy map in conceptboard

Trusted by leading commercial and public sector organizations

Effective Design Thinking for distributed teams

Say goodbye to blurry photos of physical whiteboards & facilitate remote Design Thinking sessions that are just as effective as if you were in the same room.

Example of an empathy map in conceptboard
3 people in a conference working on a board

Easy moderation

Whether co-located or distributed, our moderation functionality lets you guide and facilitate remote Design Thinking workshops like a pro.

Go visual

Use sketching tools, digital sticky-notes, and visual elements to bring your ideas to life on Conceptboard’s infinite canvas.

conceptboard Design Thinking on a board. Different colors, texture, products, sticky notes

Create visual frameworks

Use our vast template library to better understand your customers through user personas, customer journey and empathy maps.

Prototype and test

Use Conceptboard’s diagramming tools such as shapes, scribbles and arrows to create low fidelity prototypes, gather feedback and iterate quickly.

example with a design thinking board
Example of a board where users brainstorm upon a design

Design Thinking at scale

Build a culture of innovation and drive Design Thinking values at scale with Conceptboard’s secure enterprise solutions.

Value real collaboration

They say it better than we do

illustration representing organising online work

Organize your work

Structure boards into projects, share them with multiple collaborators and keep track of on-board activity through alerts.

icon representing customizing templates

Custom­izable templates

Use our extensive library of ready-made templates to easily create Gantt Charts, Kanban boards, etc. to visually manage projects and deliver against roadmaps.

icon for uploading files on the board

Leverage the cloud

Our cloud-based platform allows access to boards from anywhere, syncs across devices and auto-saves your work. Easily restore previous versions and be worry free!

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