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Our podcasts cover many exciting topics around visual collaboration. We talk about data protection, digital transformation and how successful project management in hybrid teams works with the help of Conceptboard. Learn more about how you can use a collaboration tool like Conceptboard wisely and effectively in your daily work.

Working sensibly in a hybrid environment

Daniel Bohn, CPO at Conceptboard, talked with Patric Eid on the Zipresso Impulse Podcast about visual collaboration and how it can be implemented in both hybrid and offsite working models and how hybrid meetings are successful in the daily work.

Hybrid collaboration: manage the balancing act

Daniel Bohn, CPO of Conceptboard, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid work with Tina Ciotola on the Hybrid Collaboration Podcast. It’s about how to organize hybrid work and which tools can help maximize hybrid meeting efficiency.

Real collaboration made in Germany

Daniel Bohn, CPO at Conceptboard, discussed with Gabriel Rath on the New Work Chat Podcast the company’s origins, its collaborative culture as a 100% remote company, and the crucial emphasis on safety in an international context.

Virtual working at Conceptboard

Daniel Bohn, CPO of Conceptboard, spoke with Thomas Wuttke of the Project Management Podcast about his beginnings, the development of Conceptboard and what the future of digital collaboration might look like.

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