Our Mission

Working with visual content like product ideas, advertising material, or publishing content is challenging.

When team members are not co-located, it’s difficult to let everyone contribute in a way where their ideas are captured and understood by everyone. Valuable input often gets lost because it’s scattered in emails and meeting notes, and detached from its original visual context.

What if creative teams were able to collaborate online as easily as they do in the offline world? With comments and feedback directly on top of their drafts? And lots of free spaces to develop new concepts and ideas?

That’s what Conceptboard does, and it’s the reason why creative teams around the globe love it.

Our Story

Back in 2007, Conceptboard's founders Daniel Bohn and Christian Schröder met for the first time while developing software for the same customer: an online banking project, that was highly dependent on screen designs and other visual content.

They realized the project was missing an efficient visual collaboration tool, but that there was nothing adequate on the market. As working together in the project worked quite well for them, they decided to quit their jobs and found a startup.

That was the spark for Conceptboard: established in 2010, the new company quickly gained momentum, hired some motivated young talents, and acquired a growing number of customers worldwide. In 2017 Digital Republic Media Group GmbH came on board to empower Conceptboard further and make Conceptboard even more successful by boosting marketing and sales power.

Today, Conceptboard is developing and operating a well-established online collaboration service for more than half a million users. We are serving customers of all sizes, in a broad range of industries, from more than 100 countries.

Management Team

Daniel Bohn

Founder & Product Lead

Daniel is a visual thinker with a passion for technology and people. He holds an MSc degree in Information Technology and has worked as a software developer and a technical project manager for several companies before founding Conceptboard. In his spare time, he loves his music, his little acoustic band, and heated political debates.

Christian Schröder

Founder & Technical Lead

Christian is a technology enthusiast, who loves striving for perfection when designing solutions and services. He holds a BA degree in Computer Science and he has worked as a software architect and technical consultant before founding Conceptboard. In his spare time, he is a loving dad and family man.