How prettygoodideas transitioned to virtual workshops with Conceptboard

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About prettygoodideas

Prettygoodideas is a platform for both self employed and seasoned experts in marketing and communication roles that specializes in enabling companies to become more digital-forward and embrace digital transformation. Their vision is to create a digital world that feels as seamless and natural as interactions in the real world.  An integral part of this process is conducting workshops and training sessions.

These workshops span the entire spectrum of transformational change including Design Thinking, process planning and management, brand related workshops and more. These workshops were usually conducted physically, on-site. Prettygoodideas is also a 100% remote working organization since it was founded in 2011. All employees and partners are allowed to work from wherever they please and all internal collaboration takes place with the help of virtual tools. 

A pivot to virtual workshops

After the pandemic hit in March, pgi had to quickly transition to conducting workshops for their clients virtually. Being a 100% remote agency, pgi has used a combination of tools such as Google Docs, Slack, Zoom etc to manage collaboration in the past.  However they discovered that these were rather inadequate for their current purposes: Conducting interactive virtual workshops. This is when they discovered Conceptboard. Thanks to Conceptboard’s real-time collaboration functionalities, the shift to virtual workshops was a seamless one.

Pgi was able to not only re-create but also redefine their physical workshops on Conceptboard’s infinite canvas with the help of features such as sections and outlines. Unlike physical sessions, Conceptboard allowed them to create a visual narrative structure for the entire session. This allowed for more compelling storytelling. Along with additional functionalities such as moderation and video conferencing, Conceptboard quickly became a substitute for physical meeting rooms. A virtual meeting room without limitations!

“The usability of Conceptboard underlines our vision of a digital world which intuitively lets you interact with your team and clients in an environment that provides endless collaboration possibilities and simply feels as if you are connecting on a different virtual level”

An increase in productivity and engagement

Not only did Conceptboard empower pgi to shift to virtual workshops with minimal friction, there was also a marked improvement in the results. While physical workshops were predominantly ‘one-to-many’ sessions, with facilitators driving the conversation and setting future action items for individuals, the virtual versions were much more collaborative. The focus shifted from presenting a theme to building solutions as a team during the session itself. With the use of online sticky-notes, sketches, and images to bring ideas to life, these sessions are now defined by ‘doing’ rather than just ‘meeting’.

“Conceptboard provides an empty, open space for us to fill with our creativity” 

Since these sessions were automatically saved and preserved on Conceptboard, participants were encouraged to re-visit the boards and keep building on their solutions. Thus enabling participation beyond the sessions. In fact, ‘homework’ is also allocated wherein participants are asked to upload content to their boards!

A shift in mindset

Along with a shift in the way workshops were conducted, Conceptboard has also affected a more fundamental shift in how pgi approaches remote teamwork. pgi now recommends that their clients work together virtually as much as possible. Meeting physically once in 6-8 weeks only for team building purposes. In some ways, Conceptboard has been able to obviate the need to get together in a room.

“Conceptboard has infused our team with new energy. We can now get things done faster than ever before!”

Taking a step back during the pandemic and focusing on improving processes and experimenting with innovative tools such as Conceptboard has helped pgi leapfrog perceived limitations. While no strangers to remote work, Conceptboard has been a game changer both for their internal processes as well as how much time is spent on process planning during workshops. For an agency that focuses on helping their clients drive innovative solutions, they would wholeheartedly agree that choosing Conceptboard has been a pretty good idea!

If you want to discover more about how Conceptboard has empowered other organisations to boost productivity and efficiency, explore our customer success stories.

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How prettygoodideas transitioned to virtual workshops with Conceptboard

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