How T-Online uses Conceptboard to improve internal workflows and interdisciplinary teamwork

T-online and Conceptboard

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Team support for agile processes is the network with the broadest coverage in Germany. Alongside and special interest portals such as FUSSBALL.DE, or ZUHAUSE.DE, the Portal department’s tasks include driving the development of new business topics in the stationary and mobile Internet.

The challenge for T-Online

The employees in the Portal department must keep the presentation and technology of the portals up-to-date whenever necessary. This involves an intensive process for coordinating textual and graphic content between the individual teams: product marketing, graphics, editing, technology and external content partners take part in this process on a daily basis. To this end, decisions must be made and documented in a transparent way.


“When we were still sending artwork between the teams as e-mail attachments, there were often misunderstandings,” says Marcel Rauschkolb, Senior Expert in the Portal department of


Before Conceptboard: E-mail attachments were sent back and forth between teams and misunderstandings often arose.

The solution for T-Online

With Conceptboard team members can collate all drafts and interim results in a central location where feedback is given, discussed and honed. Teams can connect from anywhere when and as needed, and new results are directly accessible for graphical or technological implementation.


“We use agile processes like Kanban or Scrum to optimally illustrate rapidly changing demands. This means permanent work in terms of iteration: drafting, coordination, correction and redrafting,” continues Rauschkolb. “The discussion of drafts now takes place directly on a Conceptboard, which means that we can avoid the numerous ambiguous e-mails. With Conceptboard our teams are working together even more closely and productively.”


With Conceptboard: Teams discuss drafts now directly on Conceptboard and collaborate more productively without misunderstandings. 

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How T-Online uses Conceptboard to improve internal workflows and interdisciplinary teamwork

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