Siemens Canada solution is Conceptboard


Hayden-Smith-SiemensHayden Smith is a transformation leader in the global GP R&D PI (Product Integration) crew, where he is based in Canada. He’s always looking for smarter and more innovative ways of doing things. He uses Conceptboard to conduct virtual SCRUM Master training workshops with Siemens employees around the globe, among many other things.

Hayden is a natural-born leader, who thrives in a team environment. He enjoys collaborating with people to come up with creative ideas. But in his role as a global leader and working in a virtual team, he was presented with a new challenge. How could the team remain connected when separated by such a long distance? How could they deliver important training to customers, in an entirely virtual environment, without compromising quality?

He was introduced to Conceptboard during a virtual collaboration training Siemens offered, and immediately knew he’d found his solution.

  “Conceptboard filled a need where previously there was no real solution available at all.”

Why Conceptboard works for Siemens Canada

Hayden loves the possibility to have a two-way information exchange on the platform. For him, this is the key to encouraging participation, open communication and ensuring the training delivers the desired results.


“We’re basically simulating how we would do a team building or training in person by using Conceptboard to do a lot of the two-way information exchange.”

They are able to do one-way presenting, whole group discussion, break out group activities and then work within the digital whiteboard, all facilitated via Conceptboard.

Hayden and his team have found that by using Conceptboard, the quality of the training remains very high. Attendees are able to participate easily, ask questions, and start discussions, which all leads to a higher collaborative output.

“For me, the biggest benefit of Conceptboard is the ability to have multiple people moving things around, working together in real-time and connecting to each other in a more visual and meaningful way.”

If you want to discover more about how Conceptboard has empowered other organisations to boost productivity and efficiency, explore our customer success stories.

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Siemens Canada solution is Conceptboard

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