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Visual collaboration should be fast, easy and intuitive to use, and at the same time it should work independently of time and location. Simultaneously, it must meet the highest security standards – after all, government agencies and companies with high security and compliance requirements also use Collaboration Tools for their projects. Conceptboard meets all of these requirements: Our Visual Collaboration tool is both easy to use and secure in its application.

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Our mission is to improve the way people collaborate. Regardless of location or technical experience everyone should be able to easily and engagingly compile information and work together on projects, leading to better results and higher satisfaction.

Conceptboard is characterized by a high level of compliance with GDPR and the use of state-of-the-art encryption technologies. We meet the highest standards of data security and protection. With our enterprise-ready approach, companies and organizations can use Conceptboard without complex implementation and training efforts.

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June 2023

Digitization in Public Services

Germany may be a global pioneer in many technical industries – except digitization. Are we losing touch with other industrialized nations? Learn more about the impact on our industry, especially on the public sector.

April 2023

Company Retreat in Allgäu

We went for a Company Retreat in the beautiful Allgäu. One week of team building and co-working in the middle of nature. Lots of time for new ideas to improve the unique Conceptboard user experience even further.

March 2023

European Hosting-Partner IONOS

New European hosting partner IONOS. Hosting available for Enterprise Teams as exclusive private cloud solution. In the ISO 27001-certified IONOS data center or as Data Center Edition in on-premises operation.

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