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Keep the overview of product management

In product management, good organization is half the battle! Chaos can quickly arise due to various tasks and many team members. With Conceptboard, that can’t happen! Use the digital whiteboard to display your tasks and ideas, keep yourself up to date and maintain an overview of your projects. And all this is completely data-protection compliant because your ideas are safe with us. You share – we care.

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14M+ users around the world successfully work with Conceptboard

Product Management Use Cases

This is how you can use Conceptboard for your Product Management

Planning, Organisation and administration

Keep track of different projects and manage them on the digital whiteboard. In addition, you can visualise the individual steps and tasks and share them with your team members in real time.

Idea and brainstorming sessions

Invite as many people as you like and conduct real-time brainstorming sessions – across multiple locations. Easily capture and visualise your ideas with sticky notes, images or drawings.

Documentation and archiving of projects

Once a project is completed, it often disappears into the depths of various servers. With Conceptboard you can clearly document and archive projects so that nothing gets lost. Use versioning to restore old versions.

Roadmaps and sprint planning

Easily create roadmaps and sprint plans on a digital whiteboard. Share with your team via screen sharing or live moderation for collaborative voting on important points.


A core task in product management is prototyping. No problem with Conceptboard! Visualise your designs, add further versions and share them with other involved people inside and outside your team.

Task distribution

In product management, it is important that everyone knows their tasks. Distribute tasks within the team and keep yourself up to date. Transparency guaranteed!


The days of endless feedback loops via email are over. You can easily ask for feedback via comments and give it just as easily. You can mark your colleagues so that it is immediately clear who you are addressing.


Clarify complex ideas and bring them to life visually. Visual representation is easy with Conceptboard, and your team can give you real-time feedback – or you can edit your wireframes together.

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We will be happy to show you how you can use Conceptboard efficiently in your product management. Profit from:

✓ Product management (planning, organization, and administration)
✓ Idea and brainstorming sessions
✓ Documentation and archiving of projects
✓ Roadmaps and sprint planning
✓ Wireframes
✓ Feedback
✓ Prototyping
✓ Task distribution

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Conceptboard for Product Management Teams

Keep the overview

In product management, you have your hands full – you have to develop new products and present them in an appealing way so that both your team members and stakeholders understand them. In addition, you get valuable feedback from different sides. This also needs to be collected. In order not to lose track of all these steps, you need a good helper. Conceptboard supports you with countless possibilities. Visualise your ideas and present them in the same tool. Structure feedback and work in real time with your team. All these advantages are rounded off by the fact that Conceptboard is completely privacy compliant – one more thing you can cross off your to-do list!

Find the solution that suits you best

All license models include an unlimited number of powerful online whiteboards with many real-time features, access to 100+ templates and GDPR-compliant data security.

How Perry Ellis International transformed their product development with Conceptboard

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Perry Ellis uses Conceptboard
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Integrate your most important tools into Conceptboard

As a team, you probably use different tools for your collaboration. Bring your tool set together now! You can integrate all the apps that are important to you into Conceptboard.

For example, use Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox, Confluence or Full-Page Screenshot as usual and benefit from the uncomplicated Conceptboard integration. In addition, the upload function allows you to place files directly and clearly on the board.

Practical templates for all cases

We have what you need. Enclosed you will find a selection of suitable templates as well as some helpful features on the board. Choose from over 100 ready-made templates exactly the right template for your project or workshop.

Onboarding journey template

Product Management Templates

This is how you use Conceptboard for your Product Management teams

No Compromises

For us, data protection, data sovereignty and privacy are a matter of course.

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Learn more about virtual collaboration on our blog

Everything you need to know to improve your collaboration: exciting articles and inspiration on selected use cases, templates and success stories can be found in our blog. Enjoy reading more!

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For those who want to know more: Learn Conceptboard

Conceptboard is intuitive to use and an uncomplicated tool for your everyday working life. But we also know: No master has ever fallen from the sky. The best way to get to know a digital tool is to use it. We’ll show you how.

Visit our free basic training and learn the basics of operation as well as a variety of tips and tricks for working with elements, modules and templates. No matter how you use Conceptboard, we’ll turn you into a real pro. Our regular trainings are free of charge and open to everyone – whether you’re a newbie or an advanced user. Secure your place now!

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Tailor made solutions

Visualize what you want to say

Pictures say more than a thousand words – and icons even more. Give your boards a personal character and facilitate mutual understanding with our numerous icons.

Conceptboard offers you a large selection of different icons, so you can easily represent what you want to say. This is especially helpful for multilingual and international teams!

You have questions? We have answers.

If you want to learn more about our features and functions in detail and learn how Conceptboard works and how to use it, you can find our Help Center here. Take a look!

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