How Siemens uses Conceptboard to collaborate seamlessly across the globe

Siemens Conceptboard story

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How does a huge global company like Siemens deal with the challenge of getting their staff to collaborate as effectively online as they do offline? They identified early on that Powerpoint presentations and whiteboards weren’t going to cut it, when they had teams across the globe collaborating on projects. They needed a solution that was just as innovative as their projects.


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The collaboration conundrum

In 2016 Siemens identified a missing piece in their infrastructure puzzle. They needed something that would allow their staff to collaborate in real-time regardless of where they are on the planet. So they set to finding a solution.

Their main criteria were that the application was open, web-based, device-compatible, available in every country they have offices in without restriction, and it had to look nice too!

Conceptboard Client Siemens Solution Customer Page

Conceptboard: The right solution

After an extensive search, they pinpointed Conceptboard as the missing piece of the puzzle. They were impressed with the feature set, enterprise readiness, the look and feel as well as the engaged organisation.

The test period confirmed this even further, with 90% of the Siemens users agreeing that there’s a big need for Conceptboard.

During a record six-month implementation period, Conceptboard underwent rigorous security checks and regulatory approvals to get the green light from the Information Security department.

Conceptboard Client Page Siemens

Tangible results

Conceptboard rolled out across Siemens entire network in April 2018, and now more than 55,000 employees use the collaboration platform.

As well as providing a virtual collaboration solution, Conceptboard has also helped reduce travel costs, save time and reduce email traffic.

“Conceptboard is great, and our people love it. Every day I am amazed by how they are using Conceptboard.”- Thorsten Bergmann, Senior IT Strategy & Innovation Manager at Siemens

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How Siemens uses Conceptboard to collaborate seamlessly across the globe

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