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Import boards directly to Tabs with ease

Add existing boards or create new ones in a Tab within your Channels. Access all your projects without ever leaving MS Teams!

import board in MS Teams
Integration Infinite Canvas MS Teams

A collaborative online whiteboard within Microsoft Teams

Jump into a board along with your team and visualize projects, brainstorm or present ideas on an infinite canvas. Create a virtual workspace within MS Teams with Conceptboard.

Centralize your design collaboration on Conceptboard

Import artworks and designs directly into a board. Make changes on the fly, co-create in real-time & gather feedback in context alongside video calls, chats, and tools you’re already using on Microsoft Teams.

working on a conceptboard board directly in MS Teams
Conceptboard template inserted in Microsoft Teams channel

Build visual frameworks

Visually represent concepts, identify patterns & create frameworks inside your Tabs with our library of ready-made templates.

Easy brainstorming

Brainstorm, share ideas and bring them to life without leaving MS Teams with sketches, shapes, arrows, sticky-notes and more.

Conceptboard brainstorming board integrated in Microsoft Teams
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