How we at Conceptboard reduce our e-mail amount

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Did you know that a high-skill knowledge worker spends 28% of his average workweek on just reading and writing e-mails (McKinsey Report, July 2012)? You surely know the situation when e-mails are sent back and forth to consolidate a lot of opinions in one project. This begins with small things as creating a presentation or a flyer. For instance, as the marketing responsible at Conceptboard I coordinated the production of our flyer for the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Even if this is not a big deal, I had to involve our designer, writer and product manager.

For such tasks, we typically work with Google Docs, Photoshop and Conceptboard. We begin in Conceptboard and use e.g. an iPad to scribble the first ideas. At the same time our writer Roman works on the longer texts inside Google Docs. As soon as there are rough concepts, our designer Florian brings them together in Photoshop. And then we go back to Conceptboard. Florian uploads his draft on a board so that everybody can see it there. The next step is feedback: We’re discussing quite vividly on the board, everybody gives his comment e.g. on what to put on the front side, on who to have as testimonial and on how the layout of the inside should look like. This is a direct and fast process. Feedback is instantly visible for all participants and everyone can further develop the ideas of the others. There is no need to have everybody on the board at the same time; but nevertheless all opinions and feedback are heard.

So new versions of the flyer emerge very quickly and each initiates a new iteration round. At the end of the process we have the final version ready nearly at light speed, and with very few e-mails!

How do YOU use Conceptboard in your daily work? We are always glad to get feedback from you. Just comment below this blog post.


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How we at Conceptboard reduce our e-mail amount

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