Empower your teams with Conceptboard to develop better strategies. Work agile or in iterations to complete projects faster.

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Comprehensive business analysis

Collect and access all relevant data and information in one place. Analytics made easy! Compare competitors data amongst others to improve your company’s competitive advantage.

Conceptboard Competitor Analysis
Concepboard Folder Board Preview

Document relevant data

Document and access data in boards and organize them in folders. Easy storage and retrieval. Gain better insight by having all data and input visible in one place.

Better project collaboration

Plan, prepare, and execute projects amongst your team. Perform changes synchronized in real-time with instant alerts, notifications and @-mentions. Simple information exchange and instant updates.

Conceptboard Product Marketing Test Review
Conceptboard Kanban Board

Agile project management

Use Conceptboard for efficient collaboration for your lean and agile teams. Manage sprints and iterations virtually and visually.

Task management

Manage tasks within discussion threads and directly where they belong. Swiftly mark tasks as complete, along with viewing current board activity and assignments.

Conceptboard Task Management

Simple Monitoring

Everything important is visible in one place. Monitor multiple activities across different projects simultaneously. For pin-point management decisions to scale your business.

Access Management

Keep information safe. Invite participants as an editor, reviewer or reader. Of course you can change access privileges any time.

Project Archiving

When your project is complete, you can archive your boards, so all the work and communication is safe and documented for future reference. Retrieve information effortlessly.

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