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Build wireframes in real-time

Create a new web look with our Conceptboard wireframe function! Design app and website wireframes and prototypes in real-time with your team on your collaboration board. Develop mock-ups, gather ideas on digital sticky notes, design free user flows, and receive constructive feedback from others quickly, easily, and for free.

A person in front of a prototyping board with some wireframe sketches on it

What is a Wireframe?

A wireframe is a simple visual sketch to create the basic structure and layout of websites, apps or prototypes. The prototype helps designers and developers plan and arrange the various elements, such as menus and buttons. Wireframes offer a cost-effective way to create a concept and fine-tune the design before creating the final version. The use of wireframe templates supports efficient workflows and enables an effective design process across all stakeholders.

Is Conceptboard a Wireframing tool?

Conceptboard is a visual collaboration platform with a range of useful wireframing features. It allows wireframes to be created as part of the design process. Templates and widgets help to create prototypes and mock-ups quickly and easily. With Conceptboard’s wireframe builder, you can collaborate on concepts and make decisions with your team in real time.

person working with prototyping having in front of him a big mobile screen and on the left a whiteboard with a drown wireframe model

Collaborate together

Good collaboration also includes honest feedback. Exchange ideas and work together on the best solution for your product. Regular feedback rounds play a decisive role, especially in the development of wireframes. With the help of Conceptboard, you can work together on the best solution, quickly discover weak points and develop new ideas. Use our free Wireframe Template and share your great ideas with your team!

When should Wireframes be used?

Kickoff your idea

Everything starts with an idea. Wireframes are the perfect tool for starting a web design project. They serve as a starting point for planning, revising and discussing a concept.

Detect weak points

Only those who test enough have a valid data basis for further decisions and improvements. With the help of wireframes, bugs and weak points can be identified in time and improvements implemented.

Present to your clients

The days of a confusing PowerPoint presentation are over. Show your customers step by step what they have in front of them. Wireframes help to tell a visual story that everyone can follow.

User experience

Find out how users interact with your product. Wirframes are the ideal test tool to see how the prototype works on users, how good the user experience is and what can be improved.

Save time and money

Wireframes are ideal for first creating a rough draft of a website, app or user interface before going into the costly implementation. Before product development, wireframes help to develop the best possible mature concept.

Get real-time feedback

Feedback is the key to success. Only an open and honest exchange will bring the best result in the end. With the help of Conceptboard, feedback loops can be easily managed. The comment function enables transparent communication and comprehensible discussion.

How to create a Wireframe with Conceptboard?

  1. Open Conceptboard
  2. Open the templates section
  3. Search for Wireframe template
  4. Add Wireframe template to your board and let’s go!
Wireframe template

A wireframe tool for every team

BCG matrix template

Marketing Teams

The BCG matrix or the growth share matrix in its essence is a portfolio management framework that enables companies to manage their product lines. The BCG matrix template’s greatest strength lies in its simplicity and visual clarity for presenting complex information.

Reverse Brainstorming Techniques Template

UX and Design Teams

Reverse brainstorming is a creative way to change your perspective on possible vulnerabilities and identify real opportunities. The free and easy-to-use Reverse Brainstorming template helps you develop new approaches and increase your productivity. Just try it out!

Project Management BPMN template

Project Management Teams

The BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) template helps graphically represent business processes, enabling precise tracking of vital steps, reducing team and stakeholder misunderstandings. It’s a leading method for visualizing complex workflows.

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