Seamlessly transition your agile team to remote with Conceptboard

How can a thriving agile culture be maintained in a remote agile team?  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift towards distributed work environments was under way. The ability to access global talent and develop […]

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Five of the best applications of an online whiteboard

Benefits of an online whiteboard can help curate a clear communication exchange improving collaborative task across any time zones in real-time.
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Introducing the ‘+Sidebar’ update

Experience easier on-board navigation and content insertion with out new +Sidebar update.
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5 ways whiteboarding gives you collaboration superpowers

Read about the 5 ways whiteboarding will give your team collaboration superpowers.
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The To-do List Template

Break your goals into smaller, achievable chunks using our to-do list template and boost team productivity.
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Lean Canvas Template

The Lean Canvas is an adaptation of the Business Model Canvas designed specifically for Lean Startups. In its essence, it is a one page document that encapsulates all the critical elements of a business plan.
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Brand Identity Prism Template: Craft Your Brand Identity

Craft a unique brand identity with the Brand Identity Prism
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5 Tips For Running Effective Whiteboarding Sessions

Online whiteboarding has the potential to transform collaboration and brainstorming. Use our 5 essential tips and incorporate this transformational tool into your workflow today.
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The Creative Brief: A Comprehensive Guide [Template]

What is a Creative brief   A creative brief is the greatest tool in a marketer’s arsenal to ensure creative agencies deliver their best possible work. Writing a creative brief that is clear, concise and comprehensive […]
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7 tips to staying sane and happy as a remote worker

Our 7 tips breaks down what it takes in order to flourish and discover joy while working remote.
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