5 reasons to use board sections in your online whiteboards

image which shows how to add sections on the online whiteboard

Sections are a great way to organize your work in Conceptboard. Check out the video above for the top 5 reasons you should be using sections in your boards, and read on for some more tips!

1. Easier board navigation

Use the board outline and sections to create an easy navigation through your boards. Any multi-page pdf you drop into the board will automatically have each page added to the board outline. You can also add items on the board like images, sticky notes, and text to the outline.

Adjust landscape or portrait mode in online whiteboards

If you need a standard A4 or US letter size, click on the plus icon to insert a page in landscape or portrait mode.

2. Better visual organization

Visual organization in online whiteboards

As you add content, your boards expand. Having an endless online canvas is great for allowing creativity to flourish, but it’s best to add some organization to your content as you work on the boards. Using a visual structure to organize your boards makes content easier to find.

3. Helpful welcome screens for clients and teammates

Conceptboard client welcome screen for online whiteboards

Adding a welcome screen for the board helps set the tone for the board, and it’s a great place to provide some useful information for your teammates or clients.

If you need people to give you feedback in a specific way, or want them to use a color code, add a sticky note to let them know what they need to do before they get started.

Know your company culture, but the welcome screen can be a great place to have a bit of fun!

Conceptboard Idea Board

4. Interactive presentations are great in online whiteboards

If you have a large board, use sections to create a walkthrough of your content. Your team can view the presentation on their own, and you can use the sections to hold a live presentation as well.

Conceptboard Live Pointers for realtime collaboration

Make sure to use Live Pointers and Moderator Mode when presenting live, and give everyone a chance to add their comments. All the work done on the online whiteboard is automatically saved.

5. Easy PDF export with comments and markup

If you need to export the comments and markup that’s been added on top of your content, you can create a multi-page pdf from your sections.


Check out the helpful FAQ to learn how to add and edit sections.

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5 reasons to use board sections in your online whiteboards

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