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The Secret to Giving Online Presentations

Online Presentations in Conceptboard

Whether you are presenting your findings to your close team or a pitch to your shareholders, giving a presentation in front of a group of people can be intimidating. It can be even more overwhelming when giving an online presentation to a remote group. There are more factors that you have to think about for your presentation to run smoothly.

In Conceptboard, there are several board presentation tools you can take advantage of to ensure you give an engaging online presentation.

Before your Online Presentation

Take some time to set up your board before your presentation. Think about what information would be helpful for your audience to have when they first sign on to the board and before you begin the presentation.

Rearrange all items in your boards sections outline

Managing Sections

When inserting your presentation slides into your boards, individual sections will automatically be included to each slide. Check the ‘boards section outline’ tab to ensure your slides are in the correct order. Grab the textured area to the left side of an item in the list to move it up or down.

Presentation hint: While giving your presentation, press the arrows on your keyboard to go from section to section. Your board sections outline does not need to be open to manually navigate to each section.

Creating a welcome screen for your audience

Create Interactive Clickable Links

Interactive clickable links can be used to help you and your audience navigate your boards properly.

Create a welcome screen for your audience to access when signing on to your board. It can be used as a preview of what will happen in your presentation. Create interactive clickable links for each overview that will be discussed, so your audience can click to navigate to them easily.

Add a link next to your presentation

You can also use the interactive clickable links to jump around in your boards without breaking your presentation flow.

If you need to quickly show an image while you are presenting, create a link ahead of time, next to the slide to jump to the image in your board. To go back to your presentation, create another link to jump back to that exact slide. Doing this will save you time and effort while keeping an even flow throughout your presentation.

Presenting in Conceptboard

Now that you have prepared your boards, familiarize yourself with the Conceptboard tools that are especially useful for giving a presentation.

Use the moderator mode and live pointers while presenting

Moderator Mode

While presenting, use the moderator mode to have everyone follow your exact viewport. This is great to use when you need to jump around in your boards. Your audience will have no difficulty to follow you as you are in control.

Live Pointers

Turning on live pointers will make it easier for your audience to see exactly what element or section you are talking about during your presentation. You will be able to see the pointer of each user on the board and their exact location in the minimap. It will also help you to make sure your audience is in the correct area.

Virtual training

Video Conference

Turning on the video conference tool will help your audience have a better connection with you and clarify issues that may be caused if a visual interaction was not there.

Follow these tips to give a successful presentation while video conferencing:

  • Dress to impress no matter what kind of presentation it is. Make sure you are wearing a business appropriate attire with solid colors. Anything other than solid colors will be distracting.
  • Even though you might be presenting from your bedroom, your audience does not need to know that. Make sure that what is behind you is distracting free, meaning no posters on the wall or items of clothing laying about.
  • Have enough lighting: make sure there is enough light around your computer. If it is too dark, you may want to bring additional lighting.
  • Turn off all devices that can make noise during your presentation. Nothing is more distracting than hearing your “Don’t worry, be happy” ringtone go off.
  • Find something comfortable to sit on. Staying seated in one position is less distracting than pacing around the room.
  • Look into the camera as if you were looking at your audience. Sounds simple enough but it can be easy to forget.
  • Make sure you keep your computer elevated so your audience will not see up your nose.


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