Conceptboard is the flexible online whiteboard solution for your team: On-premises, in the cloud or hybrid

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These days, there are many ways for companies to position themselves digitally. Each industry has its own requirements when it comes to digital infrastructure and security. It used to be a lot simpler: As there was no cloud alternative, on-premises hosting was the go to option. This means the software is installed on the company’s devices and works independently of the internet connection. Nowadays, the opposite is true: Most clients “lease” software via subscription directly from the provider. Everything from maintenance to updates is handled and controlled by the provider.  

Which Type of Hosting is the right one?

How a company sets up their data is essential and affects every single department. Which information is stored where? What are the specific customer security requirements for each client? How do we protect ourselves against external threats? These questions, among others, keep administrators up at night. Each type of hosting has its strengths and weaknesses.

When working on-premises in your own data center and detached from the internet, you maintain full control over network access and data. But software updates and maintenance must also be managed in-house. In the cloud, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and can access every component at all times, but are dependent on a secure, stable internet connection. When using a hybrid hosting solution, components of on-premises and cloud are mixed together, perfectly protecting the company according to its individual needs. Of course, this means high maintenance and attention to detail – when the company structure evolves, the hybrid hosting solution might have to be adapted as well. With Conceptboard you are always 100 percent in line with data protection regulations, no matter the hosting format you use. 

Managed Hosting Conceptboard On-premises Cloud or Dedicated Server

Who needs hosting?

Hosting is relevant to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a private person, a medium-sized company or a global corporation. Singular e-mail accounts require hosting just as large networks. How data is collected and retrieved is always crucial. For example: when using online banking, you have to trust the bank uses a secure server. If they were hacked and sensitive data was to be compromised, the bank’s image would suffer irreparable damage. Private companies, organizations and institutions usually attach great importance to hosting and operating within their own infrastructure and software. They find the perfect on-premises solution with Conceptboard. Government agencies and NGOs working on networks separate from the internet can use one or more tenants within their Conceptboard network. Safety is an issue more present than ever, especially when it comes to confidential internal corporate communications. All components must be reliable and secure at all times. This is essential to complete data protection. For Conceptboard as a German software provider, the highest security standards are met at all times. Guaranteed. 

Why should you entrust your digital teamwork to Conceptboard? The highest possible level of data protection.

What are the advantages of an on-premises solution?

To make sure your collaboration is running smooth at all times, we base our whiteboard around these values:

  • Data protection: Our data center protects all data at any given time, third parties have no chance to access it. This ensures seamless monitoring of the entire system to our clients. 
  • Control: You can access your data anytime and anywhere, manage access rights and keep track of your software landscape.
  • Flexibility: With Conceptboard, you remain independent and flexible. You can always access your network, communicate with your colleagues and stay on top of your tasks. Perfect for work on the go.
  • Integration: Conceptboard can be fully integrated into your system landscape. This makes individualizing interfaces possible and simplifies your team workflow. 

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How we support you

We’ll find the perfect, tailor-made solution to meet your needs. If these change, we’ll change the solution accordingly. It’s that simple. When you’re working on-premises, we keep tabs on all areas: system maintenance, hardware issues, team trainings. You name it, we do it.

If you’re in the cloud, we’re always there: for updates, bugs, permissions. We have eyes on you. You’ll maximize internal resources and are able to completely focus on your team. When working with sensitive data, you no longer need to do without the cloud to ensure security – a hybrid solution like a dedicated server combining components being hosted in the cloud with ones on-premises lets you enjoy both options’ benefits. Just how you like it.

We’ll help you create your corporate “recipe” during onboarding and help you maximize your team’s potential. How do we do that? Our best-practice workshops make you hit the ground running into the Conceptboard World. 

Our enterprise support includes:

  • Experienced customer success manager
  • Administrator training and further education (as required)
  • Comprehensive onboarding and training – we feel a single appointment doesn’t suffice, so we are always on for you!

Special Service Level Agreements can be discussed individually.

More information about Conceptboard On-premises

Conceptboard: an intuitive, useful, and secure collaboration tool

Conceptboard is a visual whiteboard workspace where teams can come together to brainstorm ideas, collaborate in real time, and centralize documentation.

Conceptboard is also the only online whiteboard tool of its type that is 100% compliant with the GDPR. When you use Conceptboard, your data is encrypted, stored in secure data centers in Germany — and will never be sent outside of Europe.

Interested? Sign up for a free 30-day trial to see what Conceptboard can do for your team.

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Conceptboard is the flexible online whiteboard solution for your team: On-premises, in the cloud or hybrid

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