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Conceptboard online whiteboard meets Webex

Work with your team on a board and share it in Webex. Visualise projects together, collect ideas or present results. Import drafts and designs directly onto your board. Create new content together in real time, exchange ideas and collect feedback. All of this also works in Webex video calls and Spaces that you already use in Webex. Create your virtual workspace within Webex with Conceptboard.

Agile management use case represented on a board
Webex integration in Conceptboard with the option of sharing the boards

Add and share a board in your Webex space

Level up your collaboration seamlessly with Conceptboard’s Webex integration on a personal space. A Space is the personal place for you and your team where you can use Conceptboard in an integrated way. A user can have multiple Spaces, invite other members to join and work together in the Conceptboard App.

How to add and share a board in your Webex space?

It’s that simple: Improve your collaboration in 5 steps! Integrate Conceptboard seamlessly into your Webex environment and share your boards effortlessly in your Webex Space.

  1. Click on the “+Apps” icon in your space and find Conceptboard in the apps list and select it
  2. Select ”+Add app” to add Conceptboard to the tabs in your space
  3. Once you have logged in, you will see your Boards overview page. Click either on “New Board” or on an existing board.
  4. Click on “Add to tab” to add this board to your space.
  5. The Board should now be available at the top of your space in the tabs area.

Share a board in a Webex call

Boost collaboration seamlessly with Conceptboard’s integration with Webex. Now you can effortlessly work on your board with your team while being in a Webex call. Elevate your teamwork experience by combining the power of Conceptboard and the convenience of Webex for a more efficient and connected workflow.

Share a Conceptboard board in a Webex call and work with your team on the board while being in a Webex call

How to share a board in a Webex call?

Follow the easy 4 steps guide and seamlessly integrate Conceptboard into your Webex space, enabling effortless sharing and collaborative work on dynamic boards within the Webex environment.

  1. While on a call click on the “Show apps” icon, find Conceptboard in the apps list and select it

  2. Click on ”Open”
  3. Once you login, you will see two choices. ”Create new board” or ‘‘Open existing board”
  4. To start presenting, click on ”Open for all”