News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Use Trello and Conceptboard together with new integration!


The challenge with task management software is that they often lack visual context. To help with this challenge we are introducing an integration with Trello. This integration will allow users to link their tasks that are organized in Trello with their visual designs, annotations, and mockups in Conceptboard.

Let’s say you are using Conceptboard’s flexible online whiteboards to review and discuss a new website design with your project team. Now you can import the feedback from your Conceptboard tasks and organize them however you need into lists in Trello to keep a high level view on all tasks. When you want more details, simply click on the Conceptboard link on your Trello card to go right back to the content the task is referring to. It’s simple and streamlined to switch between high level task overview and detailed visual content views.

How the integration with Trello works

Already using Trello? Now enhance your task management with visual collaboration capabilities. With this integration, you can easily turn Conceptboard comments into Trello cards. To turn a comment into a card, type hash #Trello to open a menu of your Trello boards.

Trello integration


Select the board where you want the comment to be created, and then the card will be placed in the first list of the Trello board.

Trello Connection

Customer portal todo list

The name of the card will always be the first entry in the Conceptboard comment. If the hashtag was added in a later entry further in the conversation, this entry will be added to the Trello card as a comment. The card will include a link back to the location in Conceptboard where it was created.


This integration connects two complementary platforms that are flexible and great for visual people. Conceptboard provides flexible online whiteboards for teams to review and discuss visual content. Trello offers a visual way to organize tasks in a flexible workflow. Now, teams can link their Trello tasks with their content in Conceptboard to easily switch between high level task overview and detailed visual content.


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