Build a product customers love using the Product Vision Board template

Product Vision Board online template

When working across departments on a new product, it can be hard to align goals and visions. Sales might have different ideas from management, while software development sees differently to marketing. Ultimately, the success of the product comes down to getting everyone on the same page working towards a shared product vision.

This is where a Product Vision Board can help.

Envisioning the purpose of a product, the intention behind creating it and how customers will use it prior to building it will ensure everyone starts off in the right direction. It is also an important first step towards validating an idea before investing too much time and effort into it.

So let’s take a closer look at the Product Vision Board.

What is a Product Vision Board?

The Product Vision Board is a simple yet effective template that asks teams to identify the key components of the desired product. The board is divided into five sections: the overarching vision for the product, who should use the product (Target Audience), why would they use the product (Needs), the key functions of the product (Product) and the benefits for the organization (Business Goals). 

Conducting the exercise collaboratively is a great way to not only bring the team together, but also to collect various perspectives and ideas to develop the best possible product. 

When filling in each section, ask yourself the below questions to make informed decisions. Aim to keep each answer brief, specific and clear, so that anyone reading it can understand each section quickly and easily. 


What is your purpose for creating the product? 

What changes can it bring about?

Target Group 

Which market or market segment does the product address?

Who are the target customers and users?


What problem does the product solve?

Which benefit does it provide?

Which emotions will it invoke?


What product is it? 

What features make it stand out?

Is it feasible to develop it?

Business Goals

How is the product going to benefit the company?

What are the business goals?

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How to use Conceptboard’s Product Vision Board template

We’ve designed a ready-to-use Product Vision Board online template, so whether your team is remote or co-located, you can collaborate with ease. The real-time virtual workspace can host up to 100 of your colleagues at the same time. Plus, live cursors show you where everyone is on the board.


Use template

To get started with your Product Vision Board:

  1. Set up a meeting time, and invite team members to join the board link
  2. Start by explaining the product and the main vision for it
  3. Complete the next four sections collaboratively by asking everyone to add their ideas on sticky notes within each segment. Remember, at this stage you are just focusing on the critical assumptions, there are no right or wrong answers.
  4. Once you’ve finished, go back through each section and discuss the ideas and condense them into short succinct messages, that anyone would be able to understand.

The next step in the process involves user testing. You could carry out customer interviews to determine whether your assumptions align with customer experiences. Field observations are another way to test assumptions at this stage of the process, especially when talking about user experiences or habits. By observing how people carry out a certain task, you can capture realistic data and information that can be used to guide your product’s features.

After this testing, be prepared to return to the Product Vision Board and adapt it according to the results of the customer tests. 

Once you’ve completed your Product Vision Board and validated your main product idea, you may want to take it to the next level and understand how to monetize the product using a Lean Canvas or a Business Model Canvas template. 

Learn more about how Conceptboard can help maintain Strategy Thinking within remote teams in our latest blog article.

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Build a product customers love using the Product Vision Board template

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