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Brainstorm, iterate, share and save ideas. Take collaborative problem solving to the next level with our infinite online whiteboard.

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Infinite Canvas

Centralize projects and communicate ideas visually. No matter how complex your boards, our unlimited canvas ensures you never run out of space or inspiration!

Unlimited Collaboration

Conceptboard leverages the power of the cloud to deliver a seamless collaboration experience. Video chat, @mention or simply follow along with live cursors on the board and never miss a beat! 

Powerful all-in-one platform

If you struggle with switching between apps constantly, then you are not alone. Conceptboard is your one-stop solution to sharing files, gathering feedback and tracking progress.

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Task Management, Conferencing, Moderating

Presentation is everything

Share and export your boards, invite stakeholders to contribute and share your screen to make presentations right from the app. Kiss messy powerpoint slides goodbye with Conceptboard.

Enterprise Solutions

Affect large-scale cultural change by breaking down collaboration bottlenecks. Ideal for teams and organizations of all shapes and sizes.
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Enterprise Grade Security

As a leader, I feel that leadership is about getting people working together. It’s about collaboration, it’s about active listening, and Conceptboard is a platform for enabling leadership to happen.

Hayden Smith
Transformation Leader, Global GP R&D Product Integration at Siemens

Organize your work

Structure boards into Projects, share them with collaborators or multiple teams and keep track of on-board activity through alerts. Conceptboard allows you to easily share folders, manage board permissions and have visibility of contributors.

Customizable templates

Use our extensive library of ready-made templates to easily create Gantt Charts, Kanban boards, etc. to visually manage projects and deliver against roadmaps.

Leverage the cloud

Our cloud-based platform allows access to boards from anywhere, auto-saves files and preserves your board’s complete revision history. Easily restore previous versions, be worry free and focus on what’s important. Creating amazing products!

The power of visual collaboration