Search your boards from Google Drive: new video guide

Conceptboard Google Drive New Video Guide

Follow along with me—here’s a transcript of our new Conceptboard Google Drive Integration video guide:

Hi everyone,
This Ana from Conceptboard, here to show you how you can connect your Google Drive and Conceptboard accounts.

How to open files from Google Drive in Conceptboard

While in Google Drive, right-click on any file and choose connect more apps.

Search for the Conceptboard app and install it.

Make sure to leave Conceptboard as the default viewer for board files.
Now you can right-click on the file and choose open with Conceptboard.

If you haven’t previously connected your Google account to your Conceptboard account, you’ll be asked to login first.
Once you do this, you’ll be able to log in to the app with your Google sign in credentials or your email address.

Allow access to your Google account, and to your Google Drive files.
And that’s it! Your file is automatically added to a board and ready for feedback.

How to link boards to Google Drive

You can also link boards back to your Drive folder.
When you’re in a board, click on the board name and choose “Link to Google Drive.”

You’ll see your current Drive folder structure: choose the folder where you’d like to save the board link.
You can link boards to more than one folder.

Feature update: linked boards are now searchable

We’ve also updated the app so you can you can now search linked boards directly from Google Drive.
Text you have added to a board as a headline, sticky note, text box, or comment will show up in the search results.

Thanks for watching and check out our Conceptboard Knowledge Base for more great articles and videos.


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Search your boards from Google Drive: new video guide

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