Basic Training

For anyone who wants to learn more: Our free Conceptboard training teaches you the basics and basic functions in our app. Enter the digital world of visual collaboration and become an expert in hybrid collaboration. Our free training courses are aimed at everyone – from beginners to advanced users.

In addition to the basics of operation, the training includes a variety of tips and tricks for working with elements, building blocks and templates. No matter how you use Conceptboard, we will support you with all your questions and help you to achieve your goal and improve your skills.

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Virtual Event




17:00 - 18:30

In our basic training you will learn:

  • First steps with Conceptboard
  • Use of important features and functions in interactive exercises
  • Creating a new board
  • Time-saving use of our templates
  • Navigating in Conceptboard
  • Using conference tools: Moderation, timer, group tasks
  • Restoring a previous version
  • Useful tips and tricks in interactive exercises

Afterward you will know:

  • how to start a video conference or moderate group tasks
  • how to insert and edit sticky notes, templates, icons or other content on a board
  • what to consider when sharing boards
  • how to restore a previous version of your board – regardless of the point in time
  • how to start and carry out a vote on a board

After our training, there will be time for your personal questions and use cases. We look forward to seeing you!

Über die Hosts

About the Hosts

  • Customer Success Team

    Our colleagues from the Customer Success Team know Conceptboard like no other. They will guide you through the event and tell you everything you need to know as well as useful tips and tricks. Have fun!