How to run succesful real-time remote collaboration meetings

Remote meetings with coworkers or clients should be easy, and they are, in Conceptboard! If you’ve never used any of Conceptboard’s real-time collaboration tools, check out this short video overview above, then read on for some of the best tips and practices. You’ll be holding successful remote meetings in no time.

Real-time collaboration tools available in the board

The following tools can be used independently, and in combination with each other. They’re available directly in the board:

  1. Live Pointers
  2. Moderator Mode
  3. Video Conferencing
  4. Board Chat

Use sections and organize content before sharing the board

We’ve written in detail about board sections before. The board sections and outline are powerful tools to help you organize your content. If you’re working in remote teams, using sections makes walkthroughs of the content a lot easier.

For the cleanest view, go full screen, minimize the top toolbar, and use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate your sections. Make sure the sections are in the right order!

Share the board before the meeting

If you have a long presentation planned, make sure to share the board ahead of time to give everyone a chance to view the content and be prepared for the meeting. Add a nice welcome screen letting them know if they need to add any feedback.

If you’d prefer to let everyone view the board but not make any changes, you can either lock the board or invite users as readers.

Turn off Live Pointers before presenting to large groups

Moderator Mode and Live Pointers can be used together, but depending on the number of people on the board, the viewports and mouse cursors of the other users can become distracting.

If you’re going to walk a larger group through the board,  or if you’re doing a longer presentation, have everyone turn off their Live Pointers first to make it easier to focus.


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How to run succesful real-time remote collaboration meetings

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