Letter from Daniel – Collaboration in 2013


Dear Conceptboarders,

I hope you’re doing fine! May I introduce myself? I’m Daniel, one of the founders and CEO of Conceptboard. And I hope your year 2012 was as great as ours!

In 2012 we worked quite hard on our vision of visual collaboration and at the same time on the process of establishing a sustainable business around it. Not an easy task for our small (but growing :) team: Building a service that really makes you more productive, ensuring the seamless operation of this service and establishing this service in our current business environment…

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe we all can work together in a better way than we currently do. We are living in exciting times: It has never been easier to get in contact with people around the globe, to swap ideas and also achieve common goals. This is due firstly to the fact that social networks became amazingly large, and secondly to the increasing convenience in using them, especially through mobile devices. There is a tremendous power lying in this, and we ask ourselves how to use this power for our everyday issues and in our day-to-day business environment.

How will we work together in the near future?

Some pioneers describe the emerging potential of our working environment as “Social Enterprise” (Salesforce) or “Social Business” (IBM). This involves that colleagues can exchange experience more transparently, that information can be found faster and that “the water cooler chat about the new biofuel study becomes visible for other employees” (BASF). Because now the conversation takes place online, within activity streams, tagged with the area of interest.

We at Conceptboard are wondering what the long-term outlook is. Which opportunities for collaboration will emerge? The first answer we have is our current product and the new integration with Salesforce Chatter: Instead of just sharing a website, PowerPoints or PDFs, you can now provide the content within a Conceptboard – ready for collaborative comments directly inside the document and discussions on detail level.

We want to further develop this way of working together. Collaboration across formats, contextual, available from everywhere and in an easy way! That’s how we define visual collaboration.

What is going to happen next year?

This year we received great affirmation by teams at Salesforce, Google, Box, Evernote and SMART Technologies. Now it’s time to deliver solutions: Following Salesforce Chatter, our integration with Google Drive is next and will be available in January. Shortly afterwards we will provide support for Android devices. And then further integrations will follow, with software but also hardware. And this is where you come in :)

Which integration do you want next? Which tool for task management, which enterprise software or which hardware would you like to see connected next?

If you like, post the name of your favored integration to our ideas forum or comment directly here.

In any case, I thank you that you used Conceptboard this year and I’m convinced that Conceptboard will make your everyday work life even more productive in 2013!

All the best from the new Conceptboard headquarter
and a peaceful Christmas season!

Daniel & the whole Conceptboard team

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Letter from Daniel – Collaboration in 2013

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  • Excellent stuff. well done Conceptboard. Keep up the good work

  • Thumbs up ! K … k …. keep on going!

  • Great news! Integration with DO from SalesForce, would be nice. We’ll keep in touch. Thanks for the great work done and have a nice Christmas all you guys.

  • @beboom Great idea, I checked out "do.com" myself some days ago. Can imagine some great integrations.

  • This is great news, and I like the idea of integrating with with Google Drive. Two others I’d like to see: a DropBox integration and then support for usage on iOS devices. For iOS, doesn’t even have to be an app, could just be a better iPad-enabled website. Thanks!

  • Thanks @SDF, I like the way you see the iOS support. That’s where we are heading.

  • Thank you, Daniel Bohn. I love Conceptboard. It looks more like a native app now. Integration with Google Drive will be fantastic. Conceptboard rocks.

  • integration with Drive and similar tools, and support for Android are great news.Conceptboard could end to become a unique work tools where graphic needs for job activities are higly required for a better understanding

  • Phil Lindsey
    21 December 2012 14:03

    Hi daniel, thanks for the excellent Conceptboeard, I’ve recommended it to a number of customers. From my point of view I would see integration with a number of cloud services as a big step forward to getting people and companies to use Conceptboard. The use of tablets, with cloud services to synchronise, seems to have taken off big style (I use this system myself). The cloud services to look at (in my experience and opinion) are Dropbox, iCloud, Skydrive, Oxygen and Cubby (you’ve already mentioned Google Drive).A proper tablet and smartphone app would also help take up of Conceptboard I’m sure.Hope this provides some help and thanks once again.

  • Daniel, I can just underline what has been mentioned several times before. Integration with Google Drive will be a big step forward. All the best to you and your team for the New Year. Rock on!

  • Best wish to you and your team! Happy new year! If some international features added, we foreigner will feel better!

  • All the best with the great Ideas.Hope to see the best from such a productive tool.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to the Conceptboard team.

  • Another vote for DropBox integration along w Google Drive. Some additional help with customizable templates would be great as well.


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