Data protection pioneer Conceptboard works on German servers with IONOS

Partnership with IONOS

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Right from the beginning, German software provider Conceptboard pioneered as the most secure solution for digital and remote collaboration. Data protection is our top priority. By constantly developing our services, we maintain the highest possible security standards for our clients – so they can enjoy our intuitive and efficient whiteboard solution. Starting February 2023, we will reach the next possible level of security standards: Conceptboard expands its hosting selection by collaborating with IONOS.

Why is Conceptboard and IONOS the perfect fit?

The hosting provider IONOS is part of United Internet AG (1&1) and has a long standing within the German IT landscape. For most Conceptboard clients, the European data protection regulations are a central issue concerning their internal IT infrastructure. Public institutions and government agencies, as well as companies that belong to critical infrastructure have highest security and compliance requirements. For regulatory reasons, they can’t work with German data centers with non-European owners. IONOS has set up the DE Enterprise Cloud specifically for this problem – with a data center in Frankfurt. 

Daniel Bohn, Co-Founder and Product Lead at Conceptboard, says: “Privacy is part of our DNA at Conceptboard. By working with IONOS, we can meet the high security requirements of our customers even better and are also setting an example for European data sovereignty.”

Authorities, government ministries and NGOs can rely on it.

Conceptboard expands hosting offer 

Conceptboard simplifies virtual collaboration and enables hybrid teams around the world to work together in real time – with a wide range of functions and ready-to-use templates for countless use cases. We meet the highest security requirements and offer tailor-made hosting solutions: hybrid, on-premises or cloud-based. Our customers have absolute data sovereignty and complete data control:

  • 100 % GDPR compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Use of highest current encryption standards (256-bit AES)
  • Hosting on-premises, hybrid or cloud based

With IONOS as partner, Conceptboard is taking another important step and expanding its hosting services to include the public cloud. 

Conceptboard commits to Europe as Internet location

By using IONOS servers, Conceptboard promotes Europe as a cloud location and contributes to European data sovereignty: long-term independence from non-European providers and control over the legal situation can only be maintained through cloud infrastructure in the EU.

Hosting in the IONOS cloud

IONOS servers meet the following security standards:

The IONOS Cloud environment remains physically and technically separate from the AWS Cloud and is specially designed to meet requirements of government institutions and their stakeholders. Both users and boards can be moved to the DE Enterprise Cloud while being actively used.

It is also possible for our existing enterprise customers and business customers to move from an on-premises deployment or the AWS Cloud to the IONOS Cloud – we would be happy to advise you.

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Conceptboard is already being used by over 6,500 customers and 15 million users, including SIEMENS and the Würth Group, and many federal ministries and companies belonging to critical infrastructure.

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Data protection pioneer Conceptboard works on German servers with IONOS

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