Introducing the ‘+Sidebar’ update

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We are raising the (+Side)bar!

At Conceptboard we are dedicated to constantly improving your in-board navigation and user experience. From collaborating seamlessly with your distributed teams to expressing your ideas visually, we aspire to make your workflow as seamless as possible.To that end, we have introduced our newest update: The ‘+Sidebar’. 

A small change to UI for a big UX upgrade

We believe it’s small, incremental changes to the UX than can drastically improve how you use Conceptboard. So what’s new? At first glance, everything you love about Conceptboard is still the same. But click on the ‘+’ button and a whole world of opportunities opens up! Let’s unpack this for you.  

Inserting content is now easier than ever

We realize that there’s nothing worse than staring at an empty board waiting for inspiration to strike. With the new ‘+Sidebar’, you’re presented with an array of content insertion options as soon as you create a new board. Be it images, external links, or even videos, simply click on the ‘+ sidebar’ and add your desired content in a jiffy! We’ve even placed all our integrations such as Dropbox and Google Drive in the sidebar so you can easily import all your content in the board.

Easier navigation  

In addition to online whiteboarding functionalities, Conceptboard offers a vast array of tools that help you visually organize and present your ideas. The ‘+Sidebar’ now gives these features the prominence they deserve by placing them all in one sidebar. Navigate to these with just one click and watch your ideas take shape.


This powerful feature is the easier way to give structure to your content. Choosing this option from the ‘+Sidebar’ also pulls up commonly used size formats such as 16:9, 4:3 to name a few.  Discover how you can easily navigate within the board and create a narrative flow by using this feature.  

Building blocks

Another essential tool when it comes to organizing and visually structuring your data, these are literally the building blocks of your board. Learn how to use these here


Conceptboard boasts of an ever increasing list of templates that boost your productivity. From marketing to HR our templates span an entire spectrum of Use Cases and helps you transition from idea to concept with ease.

Refer to our vast Help Center resources in case you have any further queries regarding this new update or anything else Conceptboard related. Happy collaborating!


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Introducing the ‘+Sidebar’ update

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