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7 Tips to Stay Focused and Motivated During the Holiday Season

Holiday season productivity


December! For some people it’s their absolute favourite month of the year, while for many others it’s overwhelming, busy and chaotic and the end of the year can’t come soon enough.
With a calendar full of social events, catch-ups and Christmas parties, it’s easy to feel like you’re slipping behind in your work and with a never-ending to-do-list, fear that you’ll be working throughout your holidays. But fear not- with a little bit of focus, self-care and team spirit you’ll be able to navigate through the holiday season and return in the New Year relaxed and re-energized. Here are our top seven tips to help you stay focused and motivated during the holiday season.

Make a list

Studies have proven that by writing your goals down, you are more likely to achieve them. So adapting that principle to your to-do list, if you write everything down you need to get done before the holidays you’ll be more likely to succeed. This includes work, life admin, and personal tasks like the dreaded Christmas shopping. Trust us, you do not want to leave Christmas shopping to the last minute!

Don’t know where to start? Use our ready-to-use To-do list template and find a method to the madness. If your list is just too long to accomplish: delegate, delegate, delegate! Hand over any tasks that others can help you with and embrace the team spirit.

Plan for 2020

If you’re exhausted by all the wrapping up, reporting and last minute deadlines, switch pace and think about 2020. If you’ve got a new project you want to launch, or a new client you’re keen to speak with, or even big plans to move offices or hire new staff, take some small actions to get started. You’ll feel the joy of fresh ideas and it will help take the tedium out of all the other routine tasks you are trying to accomplish. When the New Year rolls around, you will already have some initial developments, and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. To help you prioritze your projects, we would recommend using the Priority Matrix template.

Digital Detox

It’s a busy time of year, with Christmas parties, catch ups, family events and holidays. If you start to feel a bit overwhelmed, try a digital detox. Whether you delete all your social media apps for a week, turn your phone off in the evenings or weekends, or just limit your screen time, any of these small changes can help you switch off, de-stress and relax. It all goes without saying, that turning off work emails on your phone will make a huge difference. Just make sure you let people know, so they don’t get offended or you don’t miss out on any important news!

Healthy body

A digital detox will help clear your mind and de-stress, but it’s also important to look after your body. If you find you are running out of time to fit in exercise, try taking a short walk at lunchtime. If it’s too cold to go outside, a short 10-15 minute workout at home is enough to get your blood pumping. Similarly, getting enough sleep and not overdoing it on the alcohol will help you stay healthy and focused during the holiday season.


Take some time to reflect on your year, both personally and professionally. If you work in a team, set up a time for everyone to share their highs, lows and learnings from the year, as well as future goals and ideas for the next year. This will help keep motivation high over the break, and will ensure people return in the New Year with something to look forward to starting. Personally- take stock of your health, financial, friendships and family and share your favourite memories with loved ones. Scrolling through your photos will also help you see just how much you fitted into the year- even when it feels like it flew by!

Get festive

Christmas is meant to be a wonderful time of the year to celebrate with friends and family. So unless you’re the Grinch, embrace the holiday spirit by organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange at work, or amongst friends. Think about those less fortunate, and think about how you can help give back through the many various clothing, food and toy drives that are run at this time of year.


Is there a book you’ve had on your bookshelf or wishlist for months but haven’t had the time to open it yet? Well, now is your chance. Instead of scrolling through social media, use your time off to read a brilliant non-fiction book related to your industry or career and you’ll be sure to pick up some inspiring tips and ideas. Or if you’re thinking of a career change next year, flicking through a book from a role-model in that field might just give you the kick-start you need.

It’s a busy time of year, and you might feel you are being pulled in every direction, but if you can manage to carve out some time for yourself, you’ll be able to stay focused and motivated during the holiday season. When you return in the New Year, you’ll be rejuvenated and full of energy to ensure 2020 kicks off with a bang.

Best wishes for a great holiday season and a safe and Happy New Year!


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