The To-do List Template

To-do list template

To-do list template: The original productivity tool

A to-do list is the original productivity tool. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity and has been used by mankind ever since we’ve had things to do or chores to finish. Few tools can match the effectiveness of to-do lists when it comes to lending structure to your day and organizing your tasks. According to science your brain gets a dopamine boost every time you accomplish a goal, however small. The conclusion? Break your goals into smaller, achievable chunks using a to-do list template and ride the dopamine wave to success!

Like with almost everything else in your workflow, we at Conceptboard believe to-do lists are most useful when shared with the team and worked on collaboratively. To that end, we have created a simple, effective to do list template so you can share priorities with your team, assign tasks and consolidate feedback. All in one place!

To Do List Template

Use template

Unlike a linear, sequential to-do list our template enables you to classify tasks based on their priority and stage of completion. It combines the best features of a Kanban Board with a priority list to deliver a powerful tool that offers additional details and visibility. 

Alternatives to the to-do list template

Just because to do lists are simple to create and easy to use does not mean they don’t come with their own share of pitfalls. While the productivity boost from a well-thought-out to-do list is undisputed, there are shortcomings of to-do lists that one should also be aware of. Below are a list of alternative templates and tools that can be used in lieu of a to-do list.  

Big picture thinking with the Priority Matrix template

Multiple studies and best selling books suggest focusing on fewer things produce maximum impact. As Garry Keller, the author of productivity best-seller The one thing puts it , “You want fewer distractions and less on your plate. Focusing on too many things distracts us from doing ‘deep work’, a concept popularized by best-selling author Cal Newport. Unfortunately starting your day with a to-do lists can prevent us from focusing on the big picture as we increasingly find ourselves bogged down by an ever increasing list of tasks that only produce ‘side effects’. Use a template such as the Priority Matrix to prioritize urgent over the important and deliver results.   

“It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world”- Gary Keller, The One Thing

Priority Matrix template Conceptboard

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Mind Mapping template to identify patterns

One of the biggest benefits of using a to do list is its ability to lend structure to your day. Unfortunately this can also prove to be it’s biggest shortcoming. Some people are inherently more comfortable with a more organic approach to problem solving and find a sequential list restrictive to creativity. For these individuals, a more free-flowing tool such as a mind map is more useful when it comes to idea generation and task organization. Use our’s today and discover patterns you didn’t think existed!

Mind Map Template

Get things done with SMART goals

An inherent problem with the to-do list is it rewards enumeration over execution. Tasks lack context and look the same on paper. It’s easy to write down a long list of to-dos but this can prove to be an exercise in futility unless accompanied by additional details that outline the execution of these goals. For a template that drives a bias for action, use a template such as the SMART goals template for goals that are tangible, time-bound and result-oriented. 

Template of the SMART goals technique

Conceptboard offers an extensive list of templates for you to collaborate visually, manage projects and achieve all you productivity goals. Try it for free today!  

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The To-do List Template

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