Start Live Working Sessions with Conceptboard

Live working sessions with COnceptboard

Conceptboard is great for having live working sessions on the fly. We’ve implemented a number of ways for you to see whose working on something in real time, so you can easily join them and collaborate.

1) Live Indicators on Home Page for Live Working Sessions

When you open Conceptboard, you open your home page. On this page you can see a summary of your recent activity. If anyone is actively online on a board you share with them, there will be a blue blinking icon with a notification of who is working on what.

Conceptboard News feed

 2) Live Indicators on Boards Overview

The boards overview page  displays live activity on your boards. Each board as an indicator to let you know when someone is currently working on a board.

Creating a new board

3) Live Indicators on Board

Once you have opened a board, you can see who is on the board with you by looking at the footer. If you would like to share the board with others then you can simply click on the blue people icon the the right of profile pictures of the online users. This will open up the “Share” dialogue where you can indicate who you want to share the board with.

 User icons

4) Live Locations

When you have multiple people on the board, you can turn on Live Locations to see where everyone is. You will be able to see an dotted outline of what their screen is showing as well as where their cursor is. Each user on the board is identified with a different color, which matches the color around their profile picture in the footer.

Conceptboard Board Live Locations turned on showing user mouse cursor

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Start Live Working Sessions with Conceptboard

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