News Updated on: 29 May 2019

New! Design files and CMYK support in Conceptboard

Conceptboard CMYK Import Support


Whether you are part of a marketing team reviewing campaigns or a remote team that needs a central space to discuss ideas visually, your boards are a space for creative expression and work.

 To help streamline workflows for teams, especially when reviewing and working with design and print materials, we’ve added support for CMYK, as well as, import support for several new file formats: AI, and EPS, and SVG!

CMYK support in the board for print designers

Conceptboard CMYK and RGB color mode tests

Previously, if you worked with print materials, you had to convert them to RGB files before uploading to the board for review. Now, you can directly upload your CMYK files to Conceptboard!

When you upload a file, the board will check the color mode, and if a color profile is embedded in the file. It will use it to calculate color values, and then automatically do the conversion (for a copy of the original file) to sRGB.

In addition to removing an extra step from your workflow, this has the added benefit of attaching the original CMYK file to the board, for easy download. This works whether you’re adding PDF, JPG, PSD, AI, or EPS files.

Note: Images added to boards in the past will not automatically update – if you want to make sure old images are also displayed correctly, please import them again.

New file formats support for designers

We’re always expanding our list of supported file formats, and we have some good news for app developers and designers. You can now drag and drop the following files directly into your boards!

  • Illustrator (.ai)
  • Scalable vector graphics (.svg)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)

File formats currently not supported are still automatically attached to the board for easy download. Is there a file type you want us to support? Please add your ideas to our forum in the Help Center, or send us an email with your suggestions to Conceptboard support.

An introduction to CMYK and RGB color modes

Not sure what CMYK and RGB color modes are? Check out the helpful infographic made by CardPrinting below for an explanation of what these two color modes are.


If you’re still having any color issues with files uploaded to the board, please send us a link to a board with the file at Support, and we’ll look into it!


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