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4 Ways to Navigate your Boards


Signing onto a board in Conceptboard for the first time is similar to a co-worker’s first day at work. On their first day, you will give them a tour of the office, tell them where to find important files, where the coffee machine is located, where to find the copy machine, etc… If your office is located on multiple floors, you might even give them a small map to help them to find their way.

Well, if you do that in an office setting, why not do it as well on a Conceptboard! The more information and visual content you have on your boards, the more challenging it can be for new users to orient themselves and navigate in your boards. Structuring your boards as you work helps everyone find content more quickly, but especially teammates or clients who are signing on to your board for the first time.

Below are 4 helpful habits to get into as you create your boards:

    • 1. Organize your board sections outline
    • 2. Choose what everyone sees when opening a board
    • 3. Add links to items in boards
    • 4. Create links in comments

Organize your Board Sections Outline

Using the board sections outline to navigate

You can think of the board sections outline as your Table of Contents for your boards. Anyone that has access to your board will be able to see it.

When users click on each item, they are directed to its location in your board. They can also use the arrows on their keyboards or on the panel to move between each item. Make sure to label each item in your outline clearly and organize them in a systematic order.

How to Add Items to the Outline

To add a new section to your board, just click on the ‘plus’ button. You can select multiple section sizes, drag to create your own size, or insert a multi-page document that creates a section for each page.

Add an item to the outline by using the icon

You can also easily add an item on the board by selecting it and clicking on the outline button in the top toolbar.

Create objects like text boxes, headlines, sticky notes, and shapes and include them in the outline. All added items will automatically be placed at the bottom of the list.

Added an item by mistake? Right click the item in your outline and choose ‘Remove from outline’. This will only remove the item from the board outline, not from the board itself.

You can also pin items to the board to prevent accidental movement or deletion. Select the item and click on the pin icon in the top toolbar. 

How to Move Items in the Outline

User documentation

Right click on any item in the outline and choose to move it one up or one down. You can also grab the textured area to the left of an item’s check box to drag it to a different area of the outline.

Choose Where the Board Opens

Conceptboard client welcome screen for online whiteboard

The first item listed in your outline is what people are directed to when signing on to your boards. You can create a large section to give a bird’s eye view of the entire board, create a welcome screen, or add a section around the latest draft/iteration you and your team are still working on.

Add Links to Items in Boards

Create links in your board for better navigation

Make it easy to locate the right content by creating clickable navigation board links to quickly guide others to the correct locations of items in your boards.

Here’s how to create a navigation link:

  1. Add the item to the board outline.
  2. Click on it in the outline to make it active (a blue dot appears).
  3. Copy the full URL in your browser’s URL field, including the item number.
  4. Paste this url into a text box in the board, and it will automatically become a link to that item.

You can create a navigation menu with links to different parts of the board. That way your audience can quickly navigate to the right area in the board when they first enter the board.

Create Links in Comments

Insert link in a comment for easier navigation in your discussions

To create a link in a comment, first create a comment box , then paste the URL of the item directly into the comment and click save. This link is great for when you need to refer to an item located on a different part of the board in your conversations.

Follow these easy steps to navigate around your boards simpler. The users that have access to your boards will be able to easily follow all the information and visual content in the correct order. Even better, you’ll reduce confusion for people that have accessed your boards for the first time.

What are your tips for organizing boards in Conceptboard? Add your thoughts in the comments!


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