Remote workshops & coaching

Facilitate learning in a distributed world on Conceptboard’s powerful collaborative workspace.

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All-in-one remote facilitation solutions

Minimize context switching and maximize engagement by centralizing documentation, virtual interactions and presentation with one versatile tool.


Real-time Interactivity

With Conceptboard, participants can chat, video call or follow live cursors to derive maximum engagement from remote workshops.

Stay on track

Guide participants through your narrative flow with the help of features such as live moderation and sections.


Create rich content

Utilize an extensive array of multimedia formats, video, PDFs and diagrams to craft an engaging workshop. Just drag and drop to create amazing boards!

Drive interactive sessions

Keep it interesting by encouraging your audience to add sticky notes and comments as you take them through your presentation. Say goodbye to boring presentations with Conceptboard!


Organize your work

Structure boards into projects, share them with multiple collaborators and keep track of on-board activity through alerts.

Leverage the cloud

Our cloud-based platform allows access to boards from anywhere, syncs across devices and auto-saves your work. Easily restore previous versions and be worry free!

Customizable templates

Use our extensive library of ready-made templates to easily create Gantt Charts, Kanban boards, etc. to visually manage projects and deliver against roadmaps.

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