Webinar | Leading with the Obeya method

Crystal-clear goals, priorities, and progress: Leading with Obeya (LWO) is the ultimate management method that strengthens collaboration and decision-making in organisations. Learn more about agile method and its Conceptboard template from proven LWO experts to facilitate your team’s development and strategy.

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In this webinar, you will learn about the Leading with Obeya method.

  • creates overview and insight to make informed decisions

  • improves collaboration and focus

  • gives substance to strategic goals and drives business results

  • is a pragmatic approach that can be easily implemented by organisations of all industries and sizes

  • demonstration of the available Leading with Obeya Conceptboard start template

Behind Obeya

Leading with Obeya is a method with the Obeya being the tool used for it. Obeya means “big room” in Japanese. It is a space for visual representation for teams to gain an overview, communicate and collaborate transparently.

The Obeya facilitates the development of people and the organisation itself, resulting in teams effectively implementing strategies and acting on them. As a lean and agile method, Leading with Obeya includes practices for strategic leadership, portfolio management, structural problem-solving with Toyota Kata, performance management, etc.

Organisation: The Conceptboard team organises various events with experts on many interesting topics. We report on upcoming events in advance in our newsletter.

Über die Hosts

About the Hosts

  • Tim Wiegel & Bertus Groenewegen

    Tim Wiegel is the founder of Leading with Obeya and trainer for the method of the same name (LWO). As a leadership coach, Tim has proven expertise in helping leadership teams at all levels to implement strategies and achieve their goals by maximizing human leadership potential with Obeya.

    Bertus Groenewegen is Product Owner at Leading with Obeya. With many years of experience as Release Train Engineer, Agile and Continuous Improvement Coach, Bertus empowers teams in increasing collaboration and transparency through Obeya.