Real-time Collaboration

Centralize all team related content in one place while collaborating virtually, as if you were in the same room.

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Track on-board action

Follow cursors (and name tags) of all participants as they move across the board and engage with the content.

One-stop collaboration solutions

With Conceptboard you can communicate via video chat or the integrated board chat in real time. This means no more switching between messengers or video conferencing tools.


Easy presentation

Moderate and take control of your board or assign moderation to others. Move your cursor or zoom in to any section and take your team along on the ride!

Screen sharing

Share your screen right from the app. Getting your team on the same page is easier than ever!

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Asynchronous Collaboration

Centralize communication & notify team members by @mentioning and leaving comments in context. Say goodbye to messy email threads.

Leverage the Cloud

Our cloud-based platform allows access to boards from anywhere, syncs across devices and auto-saves your work. Easily restore previous versions, be worry free and focus on what’s important. Doing amazing work.

Ready Made templates

Use our extensive library of ready-made templates to easily create Empathy Maps, Kanban boards and much more. Just drag and drop and you’re all set!

Experience it yourself

See how Conceptboard can help you turbocharge your team’s
collaboration and communication. Start today!