Collaboration in Real-time

Centralize all team related content in one place while collaborating virtually, as if you were in the same room.

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Engage your team

No more isolated feedback or messy email chains. @Mention the teammates you need and they’ll instantly see your message and board in their workspace. Need to share it with a client for feedback? No problem, you can communicate and share with people outside your company too.

Better than Screensharing

Turn Live Pointers on to be able to follow along with everyone! Every participant on the board has their own pointer and name tag, so there’s no more guessing about which part of the content someone is talking about.

Interactive Presentations

Use the Moderator Mode to walk collaborators through your board, or present as a team, remotely handing over the lead to anyone, anywhere. Get feedback as ideas take shape without the effort of creating slides.

Board Video Conferences

Effective collaboration requires being able to talk while you work together. With video conferencing integrated in every board, you can have up to 6 video streams and 50 participants listening directly in your board without any additional meeting software.

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Integrated Board Chat

Each board comes with its own dedicated board chat for everyone to quickly touch base. No need for switching between a board and your instant messenger service, you can do it all in one place!

User Presence

See which team members are working in real-time, directly from your home feed or the boards overview in the app. When you see a colleague online, just hop on the board and start a live session.


Boards synchronize across devices for all participants. Conversations are never lost when you switch devices, and everyone sees the most up to date content.

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