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Virtual meetings save time and money

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Virtual meetings & presentations

Save on travel expenditures

Reduce lodging and travel cost for meetings by using our virtual platform instead. Interact and speak simultaneously in a central space. You can exchange documents and information in real-time as if you were in the same room.

Instant meeting documentationwith Conceptboard

Instant documentation

Save time for preparation & follow-up

All content in your board is logged in real-time, if it is comments, discussions, tasks or other data. Save time on meeting minutes and wrap-ups with instant documentation and board history.

Easy following with live moderation

Conduct smoother meetings

Guide participants through different parts of a meeting or presentation. With our live moderation feature everybody can follow along seamlessly.

Virtual meeting with live moderation
Conceptboard Live Pointer's feature

Always know where everyone is

Transparent overview & positions

It’s incredibly easy to see where everyone is on the board. With the live pointers, you are always in the loop what everybody is looking at and working on.

Invitations made easy

Secure access & sharing

Securely host meetings, trainings or presentations with colleagues, clients, investors, suppliers or sales leads. Connect from anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can define at any time which access or user role your internal and external partners should have.

Secure sharing and access control in Conceptboard

Interactive remote trainings

Boost interactivity and learning by conducting virtual workshops. Reach more participants, anywhere in the world. Everybody can join remotely, regardless of their actual location.

No more silos

Virtual collaboration and meetings foster a culture of knowledge - instead of silos. Promote participation and teamwork. Get your teams on the same page.

Easy file sharing

Drag and drop documents, images, or embedd videos to your board. Conceptboard allows a wide range of formats, such as Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG or Google Drive documents.

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