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Save time and money with virtual meeting spaces

Conceptboard Quarterly Corp. Meetings

Save on travel expenditures

Save money on traveling for meetings with our virtual platform. Interact and speak simultaneously in a central space, exchanging documents and information faster.

Instant Documentation

Save time on meeting minutes and follow-ups with instant documentation. Comments, discussions, your data and content are logged in real-time.
Conceptboard Annual Business Meeting
Conceptboard Annual Business Meeting w/ Sections

Conduct smoother meetings

Guide participants through different sections of a meeting or presentation. With our live moderation feature everybody can follow along seamlessly.

Easy guidance

Activate our Live Pointer’s feature to follow along with everyone! Therefore, you are always in the loop what everybody is looking at.

Conceptboard Live Pointer's feature

Invite members

Securely host meetings with internal or external partners anywhere, anytime, on any device. With user roles, you can selectively share projects and boards.

Global Connection

Boost meeting productivity by using our features like screen sharing, video or audio call and securely discuss your next decisions.

Increased Participation

Encourage a culture of participation and teamwork. No more of the loudest voices in the room being heard, now everybody can contribute equally.

File Sharing

Drag and drop documents, images, or embedd videos directly to your board. Conceptboard integrates a variety of file types like Word, Excel, Pdf or Jpeg files, including Google Drive.

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