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Visual Collaboration Paradigm

Feel like you’re in the same room

Running productive remote meetings is the biggest challenge faced by distributed teams. Make meetings more efficient, create an inclusive environment and break down silos with Conceptboard’s virtual collaboration features.

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Agile Co-creation

Real Time Collaboration

There’s no easier way to get distributed teams on the same page and working together in real time. Functionalities like video chat and live moderation ensure quick co-creation while keeping your Agile momentum going.

Single Source of truth

Prioritize process and accountability

Conceptboard saves all comments and tasks in real-time so all meeting participants have one reference document for process directives. Drive transparency and accountability with Conceptboard’s centralized hub.

Virtual meeting with live moderation
Conceptboard Live Pointer's feature

Improved Productivity

Save Time

Avoid time sinks such as participant schedule coordination and iterate faster with shorter, more rapid remote sessions. Ideate, pivot and reach resolutions quicker with Conceptboard.

Drive Sustainability

Save money and the environment

Drastically reduce your travel expenses and carbon footprint with remote sessions. Both the environment and your finance department will thank you for it.

Secure sharing and access control in Conceptboard

Easy following with live moderation

Guide participants through different parts of a meeting or presentation. With our live moderation feature everybody can follow along seamlessly.

Secure access and sharing

Securely host meetings, trainings or presentations with colleagues, clients, investors, or suppliers. Connect from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Transparent overview & positions

It’s incredibly easy to see where everyone is on the board. With the live pointers, you are always in the loop what everybody is looking at and working on.

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