Flexible Team Whiteboards

Web-based collaborative whiteboards in the cloud. The easiest way for creative teams to brainstorm, imagine and discuss ideas.

Virtual Whiteboard Toolkit

Benefits from your office whiteboard with your entire remote team. You can draw, add shapes, sticky notes, and mark up content as you need. No messy marker hands required.

Conceptboard Customer Empathy Map made with virtual whiteboard tools in the online whiteboard

Use Visual Content to Support Your Ideas

Add images, documents, and screenshots to show what you mean. Need to add Word, Excel, Pdf or Jpeg files? Conceptboard works with many file types, including Google Drive!

Your Expandable Canvas

Online whiteboards that expand as you add content. Your office whiteboard never stood a chance. Even better? Pro plans come with an unlimited number of boards and projects.

Features march campaign overview
Features share brand visuals

Secure Sharing

Just share a link and you are ready to go! You always control access so you can securely share and collaborate with people inside and outside of your organization anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Connect anywhere

No installation required; whether you're working from a laptop or tablet, Conceptboard is your virtual workspace on any device, no matter your location.

Read-Only Mode

Want to share your work but don't want it to be edited? Share it in read-only mode for easy viewing, while giving you the ability to make changes.

Whiteboard Minimap

Never get lost again. Check the board overview to see where all of your board content is located, or navigate to where your colleagues are working.

Jumpstart your collaboration!

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